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Why I Want to Keep You Up at Night

Dear Friend,

A couple of weeks ago, late on a Friday afternoon, I was just about ready to hang it up, and head out for the evening. Before I left, I checked my email one last time.

That's when I received this email. One that I'm going to share with you today.

The subject of the email read, 'The Breakthrough!'

The email was sent to me by one of my overseas coaching clients.  We'd had a session just the previous morning. He wrote me, and shared some results he experienced after implementing suggestions I'd offered. 

I'm sharing this email with you today, because it's one of the most inspiring and uplifting emails that I've received. And I think you'll enjoy reading it too!.

Without further ado, here it is...

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Name: Email:

Hey Brady,

"It was great session day before yesterday, I reread the notes before leaving out for the kiosk this morning. I wasn't supposed to work in the morning but I got an SMS from sales
lady that she couldn't make it. It is just beginning and I had to deal with absenteeism. She is the only employee I have  at the moment I knew without backup, I had to work straight
14 hours.

"It is hard to cheer up when things are not going according to plans. But I left home thinking, I will give all my best to make it work. First 4 hours, I followed the suggestions
of i, going through the complete script with customers, ii, ignoring others and dealing one at a time iii, unhooking from the motor and demonstrating iv, moving the customer and I made 400. I never made that much in morning when people are not in shopping mood."

"I tried my best not to sit down on chair but I was exhausted after 5 hours as people were coming every minute to my kiosk and I went through complete script with interested ones. I still have to find a good fit of "opening drawer" in the script. By 5 pm I had covered my day's rent plus 400. This was record."

"I tried hard to maintain the control in conversation and slow down and speak and the effect was AMAZING. Now less than 20% mention the word "expensive" and I can see the desire to buy in their eyes!"

"By 8 pm I was exhausted and tried to maintain, there was HUGE crowd in my kiosk and kept building up many left as they couldn't wait for me to finish serving other clients.
Back of my head I thought "Damn , understaffing is costing me a hell lot".

"But I still went through until I did the impossible. Until today I NEVER had any Iranian clients, they drop by every 5 mins but NONE bought anything! Today 3 bought! They mentioned expensive, blah , blah but I said that's what you pay for quality and when I mentioned Americans use them in shops to attract customers one of their eyes lit up and paid me in dollars to buy it! I am out of one of the models!"

"By 12:15 am after I was done with last customer who was surprisingly Iranian and told me he knew the cost price of each item was 20 dollars finally paid FULL price! In the end
of the day I couldn't believe I broke 3000 in sales and all alone!" 

"WOW. This is the first time. I had to sit and write this e-mail feeling happy, relieved and sense of courage and hope that this is just the beginning and I will make this work all
the way..."

"Now I have to deal with Hiring , staffing and employee management which is consuming MOST of my time. That's for another day."

"Today I can sleep peacefully after many weeks knowing I CAN & WILL make it work. "

"I couldn't help but sit and write this e-mail to you early in the morning 2 am out of gratitude. "

"THANKS ALOT BRADY! I hope to get GREAT tips from you in future!"

                 - S. M.

Whether you simply read my emails, or are one of my coaching clients, it's NOT my main hope that you sleep peacefully all through the night.

No. My first hope is to keep you up at night. 

To keep you up into the wee hours of the night... feeling  happy... and relieved... and with a sense of courage... Feeling that you too will make YOUR kiosk work 'all the way' as well.

Yes.... it's my hope to keep you up at night.

Inspired to stay up writing emails of gratitude... emails that uplift and inspire... Well past the time you lay your head on your pillow.

Imagining for yourself a new beginning... and the day that you achieve YOUR big breakthrough! Then, and only then, do I hope you sleep peacefully through the rest of the night.

Are you ready for YOUR big Breakthrough?

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You'll have access to the same weekly training calls that he has had access to... on topics to help make your business work 'all the way' too!

Here's the link. You know what to do!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your big breakthrough next!


Brady Flower

P.S. Our next group training call is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, October 20th, at 6 PM CST. You won't want to miss it! 

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