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Dear Friend,

This last week, I talked with a colleague... another cart owner... and friend, who is planning on opening a location this holiday season... selling a product that is new to him.

When we spoke, he shared with me that his intent was to work at the cart primarily by himself for the first three weeks in November, and then "ramp up" for the busy time.

I've shared with you before that one of the advantages of opening early... say in October...  is that you can use that time to get a staff hired trained.

If you open November 1st, you've got only three weeks before the Thanksgiving weekend (even less this year) to get your staff up to speed.

It's imperative that you use that time BEFORE Thanksgiving to get your staff hired and trained. It's NOT the time to sit back and see what happens.

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Now... it's not impossible to hire and train a staff at the beginning of December. But it's a lot more difficult.

Once December rolls around, and the traffic starts to pick up in the mall, you don't have as much free time to train people. 

By December, your focus, and the focus of your sales staff should shift more towards selling.  That's because December is money time.

It's when the bulk of your sales happen. It's when you pay your rent. It's when you cover your costs. And it's when you make money.

You want to be as prepared as possible to fully take advantage of December, and the holiday traffic. That's why it pays to use November, and earlier months, to get your staff in place and up to speed.

Simple tip:

Focus your time in the days and months before Thanksgiving to hire and train your sales staff. That way... when the holiday traffic starts to pour in... you'll have the person-power to take advantage of it.


Brady Flower

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