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When Being 'Un-Natural' Can Pay Off

Dear Friend,

Last week, I received an email from a first-time cart operator.

He had opened up a cart at the beginning of  September. And wrote me because his sales weren't what he expected.

He explained how his cart was in a top mall, and he was selling a proven product.

'Hope you can give me some tips.'

I emailed back with some questions, the main one being...

'Are you using the SALES SCRIPT provided by your supplier.'

I didn't really have to ask. I already knew the answer.

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'...The company did send me a 'speech', but i rarely use it...

... i just let them come and look and let them make up their mind.  If they ask for prices or ask for more info, then that's when I tell them about the prices...'

When we spoke on the telephone, near the end of last week, I asked when he ditched the script.

'The first day.'

So why didn't he stick with the script?

' just didn't seem natural.'

Very RARELY does a sales script seem 'natural' at first. 

I've found it generally takes at LEAST seven to ten days of ACTUALLY selling with a script... before it starts to feel comfortable.

That's the point when you are able to use the script without continually thinking...

'... what do I say next?'

And your focus can shift from internally OFF of yourself, and ONTO your customer and THEIR needs.

A common mistake made by many cart or kiosk operators is to ASSUME that because a product is a proven seller... that they can just 'roll it out' onto the 'shelves' and let the product 'sell itself.'

Often, the biggest benefit in choosing a proven product, is NOT so much the product itself... but in the SYSTEMS used to sell the product.

And a proven sales script is one of the most POWERFUL selling systems a cart or kiosk operator can employ!

Now, folks often RESIST using a script because it's 'not natural.' Most scripts ARE NOT natural at first.  Most of us are not natural salespeople.

However... we don't use a script because it is natural OR because it's fun... but because it is USEFUL. We use a script because it leads to sales.

If you are lucky enough to have chosen a product where the supplier provides a sales script... USE it! Stick with it! Practice it! Until it BECOMES natural.

If you DO stick with it, and learn that script, it WILL lead to more sales!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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