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What ULTIMATE OUTCOME do you want?

Napoleon Hill, author of 'Think and Grow Rich' once said:

'There is ONE quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of PURPOSE, the knowledge of what one WANTS, and a burning DESIRE to possess it.'

Earlier this week I spoke with a young entrepreneur from Southern California.

She was interested in opening up a sunglasses cart in the area, but was FRUSTRATED because each mall she contacted ALREADY had a sunglasses cart open.

What to do?

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As we talked, it turned out that what this young entrepreneur REALLY wanted was to go into business for HERSELF, and not have to work in 'standard 9-5 job'.

She had a friend that operated a sunglasses cart in a mall. Her friend was doing really well. She thought opening a sunglasses cart would be a great way to get started in  business for herself, and not have to work for someone else.

As we continued to talked, she told me about her goal to build a 'cart empire'. And as we talked further she revealed her goal to 'retire' within the next five years with over a million dollars.

I imagine if we continued to talk, she might have indicated that her ultimate outcome might have been to....

....own a beautiful house on the beach in Southern California..

....workout every morning and then get a massage...

....work a bit on new projects in the afternoon....

....then go out to dinner at a nice restaurant with a wonderful husband....

....or who knows....we didn't really get quite this far.

Here is my suggestion, and it is one that I think Napoleon Hill might approve of: 

Establish the ULTIMATE OUTCOME you are looking to achieve first.

When you do that first, you will find multiple PATHWAYS to achieving that outcome! AND, you will find it MUCH easier to step over, or step around, or completely avoid potential obstacles.

When we first got on the telephone, the stated goal of this young entrepreneur was to open a sunglasses cart. And that effort was STYMIED because there were no openings in the local area.

As we talked further, it came out that she had BIGGER and more EXPANSIVE goals...and that opening a sunglasses cart was really just an INTERIM step in reaching those bigger goals. Once we started focusing on the ULTIMATE outcome she was seeking, we came up with multiple ways that she could reach ACHIEVE that outcome.

For example, instead of feeling like she was at a dead end because their were no apparent openings for sunglasses carts in her area....

....we talked about OTHER successful products that she could sell in a cart to get up and started in business for herself.....

...and begin on her PATH to achieving her ultimate outcome.

(We also talked about a few CREATIVE methods that might actually allow her to secure a location for that sunglasses cart!)

First, define the ULTIMATE OUTCOME you want to achieve! 

Then, start on the pathway to achieving it.

That's it for now!

Brady Flower

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