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Two Key Questions You Want Answered When Deciding On a Mall Kiosk Product

Dear Friend,

Someone called me this morning with some questions about a new cart he and his wife are thinking of opening.

One of his questions is one I think is important when considering whether to start a cart or kiosk (and for that matter, any business venture.)

'How much money can I really make with this?'

It's one of two key questions I think you should want answered before deciding whether to proceed with your cart or kiosk venture.

1) 'How Much Money Can I Make?'; and

2) 'What Do I Have to Do to Get It?'

If you find you can make enough to satisfy your needs, and you're willing to do what it takes, you've got yourself a match.

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It's not always that easy to get the answer to these two questions. With a new product or concept, you might have projections and plans, and not have concrete answers yet.

Existing suppliers sometimes don't know either. Some just supply product, and have no actual data on how well or even what their retailers are actually doing.

Other suppliers know, but are reluctant to tell you straight out. It's because they know the success of any cart or kiosk is largely dependent on the effort of the operator.

And they don't want to make a claim that can't be backed up if you don't do your part. The upshot of all this is that it's up to you to ask the right questions to get the answers you need.

Want to hear the questions I ask?

Periodically... sometimes once a week, sometimes a little less often... I have arranged to interview the principals of proven product suppliers in the cart and kiosk industry.  These are the people with products and concepts that cart and kiosk owners are making money with. 

I'd like to invite you to listen in on these interviews. And find out more about these products and concepts. You'll get acquainted with these proven cart and kiosk products and concepts. 

You'll also get to listen in and hear the questions I ask to get to the bottom of:

1) 'How Much Money Can I Make?'; and

2) 'What Do I Have to Do to Get It?'

Would you like to listen in on these interviews? 

To do so, just register for my 'Product Profile Notification Email List'.   It's free to register.

I'll notify you via email when I have one of these interviews scheduled. Here is the link if you want to register today:

Mall Cart and Kiosk Product Profiles


Brady Flower

P.S. Turned out this new supplier knocked off the concept from someone else.  We found the original manufacturer and bought from them. (Much more trustworthy!)


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