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When is Late... TOO Late?

Dear Friend,

Last week was my birthday.

On my birthday, I went to a nearby store and bought myself a pair of Converse
All-Star hi-top sneakers.

The old school type.

Chuck Taylor's they call them. 

The kind basketball players wore in the fifties.

I got myself a bright red pair. Just for fun.

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The store I bought them at was Robert's Shoe store on Lake Street in South Minneapolis.

Robert's Shoe Store is a rather old school type shoe store.

When you walk in the store, you feel a bit like you've been transplanted back about fifty years.

You certainly wouldn't mistake it for one of the high brow, fancy-pants shoe stores you see at the Mall of America.

It's been in the same location for almost seventy five years. A perfect place to buy a pair of old school type sneakers.

The folks that work at Robert's Shoe store are quite old school as well...

Mark Simon, owner of Robert's Shoes, (and son-in-law of founder Nathan Roberts) had this to say about his staff....

"The average guy in our store has, oh I would say, on average thirty years in the shoe business. I've got one guy that's got over 50..."

I'm pretty sure the salesman that sold me my Converse All-Star hi-tops was one of these old school salesmen.

He looked to be in his mid-sixties.

And he appeared to be a really nice guy.

As he was helping me, he asked me what I did. And I told him how I helped people start mall cart businesses...

He told me as a younger man, he'd had a desire to start his own business too. But he never did it. He told me that with a wistful look in his eye.  And with a tinge of regret in his voice.

I could tell that he felt it was too late to do it now...

In my last email, I introduced old school copywriter Claude Hopkins. If you missed that article, you can catch it here:

I told you about how he considered his failure to strike out on his own as a young man to be his 'great mistake' in life.

As an advertising copywriter, Claude Hopkins helped create several well known brands... some that we are familiar with still today. Goodyear tires.  Van Kamps Beans.  Quaker Oats Cereals.  Palmolive Soap. And on and on...

He made a lot of money for his employers. 

Hopkins had been advised as a young man of twenty-one to start his own business.

"Don't let someone else glean profits from your hard work and talent," his employer advised him.  Hopkins ignored that advice, and came to consider that decision his 'great mistake'.

What I didn't tell you was that Claude Hopkins didn't wallow in the regret of his great mistake.

At an age when most men wish to retire, and with the encouragement of his wife, he ultimately did strike out on his own. With his first project, he introduced a product that is still sold on grocery shelves even today.

Pepsodent toothpaste.

Claude Hopkins made over a million dollars on his Pepsodent toothpaste project.

Then, he went on to successfully introduce several products to the market on his own. 

And became a rich man.  At an age when most men wish to retire.

There is no late... or too late... when it comes to starting your own business.

The past is gone.  The future lies only ahead of us. In reality, all we have is 'now.' 

What we do with the collective series of those 'nows' makes up the story of our lives.

What do you want the story of your life to look like?

If you've been thinking about starting your own business, it's never too late.

The key is to get started in your 'now.'

If you've been thinking about starting your business, why not get started RIGHT now?


Brady Flower

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