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Three Tips for Hiring Staff

Dear Friend,

One of the biggest challenges in operating a successful cart or kiosk business can be hiring and training your sales staff.

Your employees represent you at the mall when you're not there.  They talk to customers and sell your product. Your business typically runs as only well as the people you have working at it.

To have a successful and profitable cart or kiosk, it's critical that you have capable people working with you.

At the SPREE show for carts and kiosks that was held during June in San Jose, Linda Johansen, President of American Kiosk Management spoke on the topic of finding
and training employees.

American Kiosk Management operates 300+ ProActiv carts in malls, and recently introduced the Sheer Cover mineral make-up concept.

The seminar session was full of helpful suggestions taken from Linda's experience operating the company. Here are three key tips she offered, that if put into practice, have the potential to make the hiring and training of your staff easier and more successful:

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Tip #1) "Always be Hiring"

Linda suggested to ALWAYS be on the lookout for potential staffers. Your next top employee could pop up anywhere if you keep your eyes and ears open.

They might be a friendly cashier at the grocery store down the street. Or a waiter or waitress at your neighborhood restaurant.

Who knows?

When you run across someone who offers YOU great service, it can pay to let them know you are looking to hire good people for your business.  Give them your card and let them know you'd be interested in talking with them or someone they know who is looking for a position.

Good people tend to run in packs. Even if THAT person isn't interested, they may know someone else who is good and who is looking for a job that they can refer to you.

It costs you very little to reach out in these situations.

At worst, you've paid someone a great compliment about their performance. At best, you end up with top quality staffer.

Tip #2) "Represent Your Expectations"

One of the challenges Linda says she battles is the attitude from employees, "It's only a cart..." implying that because they're working at a cart, it's not a 'real' job. Of course, it's 'only' a cart. But it's one that is in the middle of the mall, in a location that EVERYONE  passes by.

If you don't treat your positions like real jobs, it's unlikely that your employees will.

Linda suggested one of the ways to improve the quality of employees you hire is to represent in YOURSELF what you are looking for in an employee during the hiring process.

For example, one way they represent that every hire is important is by interviewing each prospective employee THREE times before they are ever hired. 

That sends a clear message to prospective employees that they are not hiring just 'another cart employee', but are adding someone who is important to their team and their business.

That representation has paid off. Their average employee stays with them over a year.

Tip #3) "Hire Attitude, Train Skill"

Linda explained that she can train employees on the technical aspects of the job.  But it's more difficult to train attitude.

Your best success can be to hire employees that have a great attitude, and train them in the technical aspects of selling. For example, she has found a 'bubbly personality' to be a trait found in many of her best salespeople.

It's difficult to train someone to have a 'bubbly personality.' Usually you've either got it or you don't.  It's easier to train someone to sell.

So look for people with a great attitude. Then train them in the particular skill required for them to succeed at your cart.

These three tips don't guarantee that you'll end up with a top quality staff.  But if you follow them, it's more likely that you'll end up with a high quality staff.

The ultimate payoff for you is a bigger, better staff that sells more, and makes more money for you.


Brady Flower

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