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Do You Know This Secret?

Dear Friend,

Today, I want to share a 'secret' with you for making more money with your cart or kiosk.

And I want to invite you to register for a new tele-course I am holding on how you can make a lot more money by applying this 'secret'.

If you apply this secret, it's pretty easy to double what you are making now from your cart or kiosk business.

I say double, but if you apply this secret, you can make up as much as TEN TIMES as much, or more.

TEN TIMES as much. I know someone who is doing it now.

Of course, they've been doing it for a while, and are pretty good at applying this secret.

But you don't have to be good to double your profits. It's easy.  You just have to apply the secret.

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Now... this secret is not that well-guarded.

In fact, if you talk to  any retail expert, they'll all tell you how valuable this secret is.

Yet, only a small percentage of retailers actually apply this secret.


Some have never thought of it.

Many have thought of it, but wonder if it will work for them.

Still others know it, but think applying it will be too much effort.

What is it?

a) Collect your customer information; and b) Follow-up.

On Tuesday, February 13th at 2pm CST, I am going to hold a two-part tele-course...

'How to Tap Into 'Back End' Profits by Capturing Your Customer Information and Following Up'

Here's what you'll learn on this two-part tele-course:

* You'll learn a simple method for collecting 87.5% of your customers contact info, without even asking.

* You'll learn a simple system for organizing the info so it's easy to use.

* You'll learn the best way to communicate with your customers via email. 

* You'll learn a simple method for automating your follow-up... so easy it can be done in just a couple of hours once per month.

* You'll learn the 'Cut, Paste, Click, and Collect' method for generating income from your customer base.

* You'll learn how you can develop a stream of regular monthly income that can last the rest of your life.

This tele-course is inter-active and will be held in two parts.

In Part One, on Tuesday the 13th, I'll share on a group call how to simply and easily begin to collect customer info, and follow-up for profit.

In Part Two, a private half-hour, one-on-one session with me... I'll help you actually set up the automated follow-up system so that at the end of the half hour, you'll be up and

The cost of the two-part, interactive tele-course is only $77. Part one starts Tuesday, Febraury 13th 2pm CST.

Click here to register today:



Brady Flower

P.S. If you want to register, but are unable to attend Part One on February 13th, I'll make an MP3 recording available afterwards, so you can listen at your own convenience.

Part Two is a private session with you and I, and we'll schedule it at a convenient time for both of us.

To register now, click here:



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