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Get Your Employees to
THINK and ACT like an Owner

Dear Friend,

How often have you walked through a mall and seen this.....

...a cart or kiosk employee sitting on a stool, twirling their hair, eating pizza, talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone?

Pretty common, isn't it?

You can be sure that if YOU see it, so do YOUR cart employees....and your PROSPECTIVE employees. It's not uncommon for cart or kiosk employees to see working at a cart or kiosk as 'SOCIAL HOUR' at the mall.

If YOU don't address their perception YOUR employees may have, you take the risk that they will be the ones sitting on the stool, talking on the telephone.....

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So, how do you ADDRESS this issue with YOUR employees, and prospective staff members? 

Thank goodness there a lot of little things you can do to get your staff members to THINK and ACT more like an owner. Let me talk about ONE of those things today....

In my last update, I 'suggested' that you add a suggestion BOX to your cart or designed just for your employees.

I 'suggested' you REQUIRE your employees to submit at least one suggestion per week to that box.  If you didn't have a chance to read that update, I suggest you do that right now at:

Adding a suggestion box for your employees and requiring they add a suggestion once a week, can give you access to some great IDEAS that can really improve your business.

However, there is ANOTHER subtle, yet very powerful benefit to ADDING a suggestion box and REQUIRING your staff to submit a suggestion at least once a week.

In my experience, it is usually rather EASY for your staff to come up with suggestions AT FIRST. If you just opened, there are typically LOTS of little things 'need work.' And if you are hiring someone new, they see the business with 'new' eyes, and can offer a 'fresh' vantage point.

However, after the first few weeks, sometimes the most 'obvious' suggestions have already been made..... can start to be a little more DIFFICULT for your staff to come up with suggestions.

What this means is that they have to look a LITTLE HARDER to find those GOOD suggestions....they have to FOCUS on it just a little bit more than normal. 'Cause remember.....they HAVE TO come up with at least one suggestion each week.

What I found was that - over time - looking for ideas became a HABIT! My staff would keep their eyes open ALL THE TIME, looking for little ways the business could improve.

Of course, as an owner, isn't that what we want? For our staff to be in the HABIT of looking for ways to improve the business? 

It's easier than you think....

Add a suggestion box and require your employees to submit a suggestion every week.

It's ONE simple thing you can do to get your staff to begin to THINK and ACT like an owner.

In May, I will be giving a presentation on 'SEVEN simple things that you can do to get YOUR staff to THINK and ACT like an owner' - at the SPREE show in Boston, MA. May 4-6, the Specialty Retail Report magazine is hosting their second annual 'SPREE' event - 'The Show for Cart and Kiosk Retailers' in Boston, MA.

You can hear me....and fourteen other experts in the cart and kiosk industry speak......and offer all kinds of ways for you to be more successful with your cart or kiosk business.

For more details, click on the following link:

Be profitable,

Brady Flower

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