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Think Christmas in July!

Dear Friend,

This past week, I received an email from one of the mall developers with subject line, "Think Holiday in July."

It was a reminder to start thinking about opening a cart or kiosk for the upcoming holiday season...

That email reminded of the summer when I was ten years old.  At that time, I received a monthly magazine called Boy's Life. In the back of the magazine were advertisements for products like x-ray glasses, miniature sea-horse farms, do-it-yourself go-cart kits...

However, the ads that fascinated and attracted me the MOST, were the ones offering an opportunity to make extra money selling various products door-to-door...

That summer, I sent away for information from a company that offered an opportunity to make $$ selling personalized Christmas cards.

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The deal was pretty simple:

I would knock on the doors of my neighbors. And I'd sell the company's personalized Christmas cards packages for... I think.... five bucks a set...

I would forward my orders to the company. They'd print the cards. Then send them back to me. And I'd deliver them to my customers.

In return, I'd receive either credit towards various prizes... or cash...

The cash was what I was looking for... In the eyes of a ten year old, it beat doing lawn work to make a buck...

So that July, I knocked on the doors of almost every one of my neighbors, selling personalized Christmas cards.

I remember most the reaction of a Mr. Christopher, who lived down the road...

When I knocked on his door, he could hardly get over the fact that I was there selling Christmas cards....

... in JULY...

Of course, he hadn't even THOUGHT about Christmas at that point...

He had teased me for a few minutes...

Then he ordered his Christmas cards. As did most of my neighbors.

That July, I 'cleaned up' selling those Christmas cards to my neighbors...

Now July may seem pretty early to think about ordering Christmas cards... But it's NOT too early to think about operating your cart or kiosk for the holidays.

By the time August rolls around, the best malls can start to run low on spaces.

And concepts that might be appealing to run, start to get snatched up.

The Christmas holiday season is generally the most profitable time to operate a cart or kiosk!

If you've been thinking about operating a mall cart or kiosk for this upcoming holiday season, and haven't got started yet... now's the time..

Think Christmas in July... and start putting your plans in place!


Brady Flower


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