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'Do You Make These Mistakes When
Picking a Cart or Kiosk Product?'

Dear Friend,

'Do You Make These Mistakes in English?'

This was the headline of one of the most famous mail order ads in history. It was written to advertise Sherman Cody's course on English. 

The ad unchanged ran for 42 straight years... by an advertiser that counted coupons and tracked results. It MADE money!

The Russian immigrant who wrote the ad, Maxwell Sackheim... went on to become an elite copywriter for the rest of his life.

When other copywriters saw this headline, and ad... their first response was..

'That's it? It's too simple. Where's the JUICE?'

Brady Flower has FREE Kiosk Profit tips for you!

And each time Maxwell would respond, 'That's what tested out.'

'Do you want the juice... or do you want to make money?'

The headline was so strong, it was unbeatable for 42 years. It outpulled every other ad the world's best copywriters could hurl against it!

Sherman Cody's School of English ran the ad... and ran it for 42 straight years.

'Do You Make THESE Mistakes When Picking a Cart or Kiosk Product?'

So, you ask... what on EARTH does this have to do with carts and kiosks?

Just yesterday I took a call from a man looking for a product for the holiday. 'I want to know what's HOT and NEW at the mall this season.' 

He might as well have asked, 'Where's the JUICE?' 

Hey... we ALL want to know what is HOT and NEW... what's the 'JUICE'! It's human nature. However, in the process, we often IGNORE the proven winners that make money year after year!

Are you looking for the JUICE? Or do you want to make MONEY?

If you are looking for products that SELL year after year... and will MAKE you money... REGISTER for my new 'Product Profile' email list. 


(It's free to register!)

I will send you profiles of proven cart and kiosk products... ones that make money for operators year after year!

Occasionally, I'll also send you profiles of concepts that are 'up and coming'... ones that show all the signs of BECOMING solid, year-after-year winners.

And every once in a long while... I will send you out the 'juice'... a profile of a new product my intuition tells me is GOING to be a winner... but isn't quite there yet... for those of you willing to take a risk. :-)

When you register, I'll also send you a free copy of my new report entitled...

'Do You Make THESE Mistakes When Picking a Cart or Kiosk Product?'

(Can you guess where I got the title?)

To be added to the list, and get my free report, register here:


And be profitable!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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