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The Highest Selling Holiday
Mall Cart or Kiosk I Know Of!

Dear Friend,

This concept is the highest selling holiday cart that I know of!  It's generated over $600K in sales in it's best location each of the last two holiday seasons!

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I first found out about this supplier from a subscriber to my newsletter. 

He called with a question about his business, and told me about his success over the holidays with this concept... His best holiday cart generated $350K in about three months during that holiday season.

Then over $400K in his best location the next season.

Turns out his cart wasn't even the best selling cart for the concept! The best one did over $610K for the season last year

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One of coolest things about this concept is that you tend to do BETTER with it year after year....

This product has actually been around since I started in the cart business in 1996.  And it's generating better and better numbers every year...

The benefit to you is that instead of hopping from concept to concept each holiday season... you can go with a proven winner that you KNOW is likely to make you money!

For example, the location that did $610K this past holiday season... sold $250K the first season... and it has done better each year since...

The subscriber that did $410K in his best location, did $220K his first season. Then $350K the next...

This concept gives you the potential to earn a full time income in only three months during the holidays!

Are you ready to get more information about the highest selling holiday concept I know of?

If so, feel free to register for more information below!


I'll email you with more information on the concept, and contact information for the supplier!


Brady Flower

P.S. If you know anyone else looking for a profitable holiday concept, feel free to share this link with them!


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