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The Black Friday Experience

Dear Friend,

I hope you all had a great sales week at the mall this past week. And thanks to those of you that replied to my last update, Black Friday - Boom or Bust?

I promised to share some of the responses. Today, I've included a few of the responses I received.

The general sense was that the Black Friday weekend seemed much better than expected. Most folks were up. A few down. I've included a few responses of each.

I've also included my personal favorite... which I included last. It contains a 'secret' for doing well, even when negative talk is what you hear all around you.

Hope you enjoy....

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"Had a great friday, best ever... "

         - Lyndal A., Texas

"This is our first year doing a cart. Black Friday was quite good. We almost sold as much Friday as we have sold in the last two weeks."

          - Paul B., Colorado

"It was not bad but... our numbers were down by about 25% as compared to last year. Things will get better in coming days... I will keep you posted."

           - Sudhir S., Massachusetts

"Boom best describes Black Friday. and Saturday, and Sunday!"

"Friday I was up 50%. Saturday was up 70%, and Sunday was up 200%."

"We started out great on Friday but by 6 pm the mall was losing traffic."

"Saturday was opposite. we started slow but the afternoon traffic got crazy. I have noted this for the past two seasons."

           - Ron A., Kentucky

"Friday and Sat were up nicely over last year..."

          - Dennis M., Washington and Oregon

"Our Thanksgiving is in October in Canada... we expect to start to increase this week.... so far it seems to be on track."

            - Don L., Ontario Canada

"We did ok... ended at $2000... not a bad day..."

          - Angela L., New Jersey

"Black Friday was incredible for me!! Thirteen thousand dollars in one day....had to make several trips back to the house to pick up more product."

"Last year we did four thousand.... Same product, same pitch. The only difference was that last year we paid attention and moved to a better spot in the mall this year."

           - Thomas D., Missouri

"I was down a`bit on Friday, The mall was packed early on Friday, and people were spending money.

"However the concept I sell is weather sensitive, if it had snowed here... I would have probably been near the same as last year."

               - David L., Ohio

"No recession at the MOA!  We doubled last years numbers. People read the newspapers, but nothing feels as good as $1.69/gallon gas on the weekend trip to the Mall of America!"

              - David S., Minnesota

"Our mall was good on Friday... sales were slightly up..."

             - Brenda C., Leasing Rep, Florida

"This year, I found  Black Friday really interesting... this year on Friday we did 35 % less then last year... but on Saturday we did almost 175% more then last year. Sunday we
were equal to last year..."

           - Bhargov P., California

"... we set a record too.  I'm also pitching jewelry packages at K-Mart. I sold out by noon on Saturday, a sadder but I hope wiser man who will be ordering well in advance... next year."

           - Paul H., Tennessee

And my personal favorite...

"I have personally found this an interesting experience.  With all the negative 'Vendor Talk' around the mall, we have taken an upbeat approach and our customers are appreciating it...."

"With all the 'down' media reports, shoppers don't want to come to a mall and hear it from a vendor too.  Our Black Friday was 15% above last year. Saturday's sales were even and Sunday's were 20 % over last year's same days."

"Sincerely positive is only way to go, and the only way to be!"

          - Dick H., Florida

With about three weeks left to go in this season, and the busiest days still ahead of us... that sounds like good advice...

"Sincerely positive is only way to go, and the only way to be!"

All the best,

Brady Flower


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