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Success Stories and Testimonials

"I thought I'd drop you a note to say thanks for all your help with my cart business. This was my first time operating a mall kiosk, and I can say without hesitation, the training and tips I received from you made all the difference!"

"I could have muddled through on my own, and eventually picked up some of the information and tactics I learned from you, but without your help I never would have been as successful as I was right from the start."

"Using your training, I was able to determine the best location in the mall for my product, negotiate a lease deal with the leasing agent, maximize the sales potential of the cart itself, and run the operation effectively. Sales figures at my cart during that season were the highest at my mall, and among the highest nationally with the regard to my product!"

"During the time I spent at the mall I spoke with other cart owners, the majority of which seemed to be just "winging it". I can't imagine how they felt looking over at my cart and seeing steady sales, while their own seemed to be slow. They could have used your training to give them a boost!"

"Hindsight being what it is, I'm so glad I had your training as a resource to maximize my efforts!"

"Thanks Again!"

Thomas Gallagher
Mall Cart Operator
Prior Lake, Minnesota

"When I first started in the Mall Cart business I was lucky enough to have Brady Flower as my mentor and friend. His knowledge of the mall cart business is second to none. Everything he told me turned to be right on the mark. He was always there for me with the answers I needed and just a phone call away."

"With his help I was able to become one of the 'TOP 10 Dealers in America' for the products we sold! Without Brady's help I would never have been able to achieve this high goal, so quickly."

"You would have to look long and hard before you would find a trainer who would give you the personal and knowledgeable service that I received from Brady Flower!"

Phillip D. Westmoreland
Mall Cart Operator
Greensboro, North Carolina

"When I started my cart business, I had no previous retail business experience. You were always there to answer any question. You made the whole process simple by explaining all the options in detail. I could rely on you to completely guide me through the situations.

"My success in 'Comfort Zone' was greatly a result of your training and support!"

"Thanks... "

Kashmira Kharas
Mall Cart Operator
Troy, Michigan

"I found the training provided by Brady Flower to be extremely thorough and well presented. We were able to immediately apply the principles we were taught, and this made for an easy startup."

"Thanks to his training, our sales placed us in the top 3 in the nation 2 years running!!! "

Andrew Swan
Mall Cart Operator

Testimonials for The Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail

"Being in this industry for more than 15 years as a cart owner and VP/Operations for TASK Management in charge of 70+ carts, I'm sure this book would have made my job much easier."

"My advice to anyone who wants to be effective in the cart business is simply this: Read this book and save yourself the pain and headaches I had to go through without it!"

Alberto Cabilan III
Quantum Effects Management Inc.

"[The Ultimate Guide] is a nuts-and-bolts manual for anyone going into the cart and kiosk business. Long overdue and much needed by the entire industry, this book greatly increases the probability of a new specialty retailer's success."

Tim Runner
Awesome Specialties International

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