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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Dear Friend,

In my last update, I emphasized the importance on your cart of suggesting potential uses of your products to your customers.

Although it may be very obvious to you how someone might use your products, it's not always as obvious to prospective customers.

One way to share the potential uses or your product is to simply list them off.

It does this....
It does that...
And so on...

It's certainly one approach.

However, this approach can come off sounding extremely 'salesy'.

Remember the old slicer/dicers sold on TV?

'It slices, it dices, it makes MOUNDS of  julienne fries....'

Very 'salesy.'

People have a tendency to resist any obvious efforts to sell to them.

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One of the most effective ways to sell is to tell STORIES about how people use your product. When you tell a story, your customer identifies with the characters in the story and forgets about the buying decision.

And the stories will suggest uses for your products that customers wouldn't think of by themselves.

For holiday season, I sold an add-on item on my heat pack cart called Earz. These Earz kept your ears warm. They were like ear muffs without the straps. 

Because they were an add-on item, we didn't show them to everyone.  But here in frigid Minnesota it was good add-on item.

This particular week, one of my college student salespeople started selling these Earz like gangbusters. He was selling as many as the rest of my staff combined.

Finally I asked him what he was doing. 

He told me he was used the same 30-second quick script everyone else was using. But before asking the customer to buy, he added a quick story. After the mini-script, he would continue on...

'For example, I just pop these on my ears in the morning on my way to class so that I can keep my ears warm... without messing up my hair.'

'That way when I get to class, my hair's in place, and I still look pretty for the girls!' 

And then gave a sly smile....

I burst out laughing.

And so did most of his customers.

Instead of feeling the pressure as to whether to buy,  they were disarmed by his charming story. The story painted a picture of how he used the product. And made it easier for customers to substitute their own use, in place of Brian's.

The potential for using stories in your sales presentation is unlimited.

However, you don't need to tell a ton of stories. Just one or two to get people to loosen up, and think about how they can use the product.

Simple suggestion, rather than simply listing the potential uses of your product, tell stories that illustrates the potential uses. These stories will help customers relax, and help them more easily picture themselves using your product.

And they'll be more likely to buy.  Which is the real benefit for you.


Brady Flower


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