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How to Stay Energized

Dear Friend,

The Thanksgiving weekend has passed.

The excitement of the weekend is over.

The BIG crowds are gone.

It's only natural for your and your staff to 'let down' just a little bit after the holiday weekend.


You want to really keep an eye on the attitude of your staff (and perhaps yourself) in the two weeks after the holiday.

Although the traffic now might LOOK a lot like the traffic before the holiday....'s NOT the same!

There is a subtle shift that happens over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For many people, the Thanksgiving weekend is like the starter's pistol that signifies that start of their holiday buying season.

There is a shift in BUYING MENTALITY!

Folks go from THINKING about what to buy before the holiday, to ACTUALLY buying after the holiday. To top it off, the TV commercials all feature Christmas, and the radio stations that start to blare Christmas music all day long. 

However, if you and your staff don't stay focused and pay attention, you might miss it. 

What can you do to keep your staff focused?

1) Let Them Know.

First off, let your staff KNOW about this shift in buying mentality. 

By simply being AWARE in this shift in buying mentality, you and they can be on the 'LOOKOUT' for it, and be more ready to SPOT that buying mentality!

2) Sharpen the Saw.

WORK with yourself and your staff to review any sales script or sales processes you have.

By practicing now, you keep your staff FOCUSED on how to take advantage of a customer that is ready to buy.

3) Build Excitement

In just a very short time the malls will be just be packed with people.

Just by talking about 'WHAT'S NEXT' can create a certain anticipation in your staff and keep them ENERGIZED.

Staying READY, FOCUSED, and ENERGIZED can make a significant difference in your attitude, AND your SALES!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert


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