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Dear Friend,

One of my favorite things to do is shop for books.

So much so, that I've actually placed an artificial limit on how many books I buy each time I visit the bookstore. Otherwise, I think I'd walk out with an armload of books after each visit. And I'm not sure if I'd have time read them all.

I typically allow myself to buy two books. The one I planned to buy. Then one 'wildcard' book. 

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On a recent visit to the local Barnes and Noble store at the Mall of America, my 'wildcard' choice was a book called 'Groundswell'.

It's a book about the use of social media websites for business.

Social Media sites include sites like... Facebook... Youtube... Digg... Twitter... LinkedIn... and so on....

These sites have been growing by leaps and bounds. And they are certainly not going away. 

According to the book, the key to getting the most from these sites is to focus now on the technology, but on they help us connect with others...

Friends and family... customers... suppliers... and others that can support us, and that we can support in our lives.

Recently joined one of the biggest of these sites, Facebook.

My first thought... was.... oh my gosh... do I really need something ELSE to do...

The reality is that it's been fun... and more inspiring than I could possibly have imagined...

I've decided to explore more the use these social media sites. In my business. And in my life. I'd like to invite you to join me in this exploration.

Where that exploration will take us, I don't know. Wherever it does take us, we'll be more connected by taking that journey together...

For today, you're invited to join me on Facebook, and become my 'facebook friend.'

It takes only a minute to join.  Here's the link:

As this is goes out, I am already making moves to join the other networks, so hang onto your seat. I'll be connecting with you wherever you are SOON!

Here's that link again:

Hope to see you there!


Brady Flower

Brady Flower


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