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Why Offer the Best Possible
Staff Discount You Can

Dear Friend,


The voice boomed out from a portly gentleman waiting in line to be rung up at the our cash wrap stand during the Xmas season. 

The voice was loud, and could be heard up and down the aisle of the mall. And by all eight of us working at the cart at that moment.

'How many of you actually USE these products?'....

Our response was nearly immediate. As if scripted, all eight of us working at the moment turned to the man.  And we raised our hands in unison.

The unspoken message was, 'We all do.'

Our response couldn't have been choreographed any better. 

The man held one of his arms straight out, with his palm facing toward us, and nodded his head.... 'Ok. Ok.... I got it!'

With that, he continued his wait to be rung up, and we all went back to selling.

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In my last few updates, I talked about the importance of using stories in your sales

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

A key aspect of selling with stories is to get STAFF to develop their own stories about
uses of your product.  As they develop their own stories, with uses of your product, they'll sell more. And you'll earn more.

For them to develop their own stories you've got to encourage your staff, and their friends and family to actually use your products.

A simple way to accomplish this is to offer your staff the best staff discount you possibly can.

When I first opened my cart, my salespeople asked if I offered an staff discount. I told them I'd think about it and get back with them.

After some quick calculations, I determined I could offer them 50% off the retail price.

When I told them, they genuinely seemed surprised that the discount was so great.
I wondered if I'd offered too much. When one salesperson bought over $300 worth at the staff discount, I wondered if I was being taken advantage of!

I shouldn't have worried. As more and more of my products filtered into their hands.. and into the hands of their friends and family...  they developed more and more stories from their own uses.

These were real stories. Stories that were credible. And stories that were sincere. And that sincerity came across when they sold.

Like with the gentleman at the beginning of this email.

He bought our product, in part, because my salesperson actually used the product.

And when that gentleman expressed some doubt, the message came across even stronger and clearer.

It's a good product. One that we actually use.

Suggestion for today:

Make it easy for your to take your product home and develop their own stories; Offer them the best possible staff discount you can offer.

As your salespeople integrate their stories into their sales presentations, they'll sell more. And you'll make more.


Brady Flower


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