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Something NEW for Christmas!

Dear Friend,

This profile is about a new cart concept that's available for the first time this holiday season!

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In the past, most of the concepts I've profiled are proven concepts, and this one is a bit newer. The reason I'm profiling it now, is because I have a good feeling about it, and I wanted to share it with you sooner, rather than later.

Although it's a new concept to the cart and kiosk world, it's not really a new product.This product has been sold very successfully on TV, on shows like QVC, and by mail order catalogs.

A change in technology has now allowed this product to be sold on carts and kiosks, in a way that wouldn't have worked before the technology change.

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The technology was implemented during the holiday season last year.

In time for one cart distributor in Dallas to add it to their existing cart as an extra product.

And sold over $30K in this product line on top of their existing sales... mainly as an afterthought. Not too bad for an 'add-on' product!

It's also been selling very well through-out this year at fairs and festivals.

One of the things that makes this product so interesting is that the emotion of why people like it is so easy to understand.

It combines two elements that have been proven sellers in the cart and kiosk business.

Licensed sports items... NFL... MLB... NHL... NCAA, which sell outstanding in a country of sports fanatics.

And personalization... which has proven over and over again to cause products to sell... especially at the holidays.

Because of the technology, and the sports licenses, this is not a product that going to be 'knocked' off in future. Mainly that's due to the licenses... especially the NFL..which is almost over-protective of their licensees.

That's good for you, as you don't have to worry about your margins being knocked to pieces by a competing supplier coming into the market.

One last thing:

Because of the technological aspects of the concept... inventory requirement is almost nil.That basically means you don't need a lot of cash to start or operate this concept.

If you're looking for a concept with low start-up requirements for capital, you'll definitely want to register for more info on this concept!

Would you like more information on this concept? Register for more detailed information on this concept, at the following link:


You'll get more detailed informationon this concept, as well as contact information for the supplier.



Brady Flower

P.S. If you know anyone else looking for a profitable holiday concept, feel free to share this link with them!


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