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Be Sure to Snap THESE Holiday Photos

Dear Friend,

The holiday season is one of the most popular times for taking PHOTOS. Photos with Santa, photos of family, photos of the Christmas tree... etc.

This is a quick suggestion regarding holiday photos you might find useful in your business.

My first season open in the mall, my 'cart mentor' called me the last week before Christmas.

He suggested that if I hadn't done so already, I should take some photos of my CART.

He said I would find them useful, and it would be worth the few moments required to take them. Frankly, I was too busy to ask many questions. I just told him it made sense and I'd do it.

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This was in the days before digital cameras. I did however have one of those clunky old Polaroid cameras.

So I bought a box of film at the photo store in the mall, and the next morning took a bunch of Polaroid photos of my cart.

As it turned out, having those photos turned out to be helpful in a number of areas. Here are just a few:

1) When setting up in subsequent seasons, it was helpful to have the photos as a reminder to myself and my staff of how to set the cart up.

It made it easier to get through those late night set-up sessions with the photos to guide us.

2) When meeting with new leasing reps or applying at a new mall, it was helpful to have the photos of our past setups in the malls.

Having photos and other tangible proof of our past efforts allowed us to come off as more professional and credible right from the outset.

It certainly made it easier to get the spots we wanted.  Many malls nowadays ask for photos with their applications. 

3) Photos were also useful when we booking seasonal show and fair events.  These events often ask for photos of a sample display when submitting an application.

The visual merchandising requirements at the mall are usually much higher than those of a show or a fair.

So our cart photos were usually sufficient to demonstrate we would set up our display in a professional manner.

There can be other reasons why having photos of your cart or kiosk might be useful. Hopeful you get the idea.

If you have a digital camera, bring it along to the mall. Many of the newer camera phones will do.

Snap photos of your cart from several angles after you set up, and before the mall gets busy. Then just remember to download them to your computer.

If you don't have a digital camera, stop at the mall photo store first thing in the morning.

Pick up one of the $10 disposable cameras. Then snap photos of your cart from many different angles. Snap the whole role and take it right back to the photo store before you set the camera aside and forget about it.

For about $10, most photo stores will put the pictures on a CD disc leaving you with a permanent photo record of your cart.

(If you won't be at a particular mall, perhaps because you have multiple carts... call whoever is leading your cart at that mall, and ask them to snap the photos for you.

If needed, have THEM pick up a disposable camera at the photo store, snap the photos, and have them put on a cd for you.)

For the investment of just a few minutes, and less than $20, you can have a permanent photo record of your cart or kiosk business that you are free to use as needed.

It's just a little thing. But if you do set aside a few moments to take these photos, you'll likely be glad that you did.

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert


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