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The Hidden Power in Making Small Improvements

Dear Friend,

A couple of summers ago, I attended something called the Point Guard College... which is like a basketball camp, but much more intense.

It was five days long... five hours in the classroom, and five hours in the gym per day... with me just trying to keep up with 100 high school and college athletes half my age.

Every one of the athletes, including me, was there to increase their basketball ability... to get better.

The director of the Point Guard College couldn't have looked any LESS like a basketball player.  She was a short, 5' 4" woman who played college and professional women's basketball. 

In the first classroom session, she told us how she teaches a"Hoops School" for young, elementary age kids during the school year.

And she said that it wasn't unusual for a second grader to double their ability within the first hour she spends with them.  But she made it clear that wasn't going to happen at 'our' level.

Instead, she told us to think of increasing our 'game' in small ways... 2% here, 3% there, 5%, 10%, 2%, and so on. The point was that all of those 'small' improvements can add
up to huge overall gains in ability of 25%, 50% or more...

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Increasing the sales on a cart or kiosk isn't that much different than increasing the ability of a top-flight basketball player. 

Just like a basketball player at any level can improve, any cart or kiosk has the room to improve as well, and increase sales in the process.

The key often is to focus on improving your cart in in lots of little ways; even if those ways might only increase sales 5% or 10% at a time.

Although the impact of any single improvement may seem minimal, the impact of all these little improvements can result in overall increase in sales of 25%, 50% or more!

Suggestion of the day:

Focus today on one thing you can do to increase your sales at least 5% or 10%.  Integrate that into what you do.

Once you've integrated the first thing, focus on ANOTHER thing  you  can do to increase your sales. Integrate THAT into what you do.

Continue to make small improvements to your cart or kiosk that will increase your sales 5% or 10% or more. 

You'll likely find that over time, your overall sales will increase in a big way. Maybe 25%. Perhaps 50%. Likely a lot more!


Brady Flower

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