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Beware of the Siren's Song

Dear Friend,

Are you familiar with the myth of the Greek Sirens? (or Seirenes?)

In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were 'Sea Nymphs' (think mermaids) who lived on an island called Sirenum Scopuli...which was surrounded by cliffs and rocks.

Approaching sailors were drawn to them by their enchanting singing (the 'Siren Songs'), causing them to sail on to the cliffs and drown.

The term 'siren song' now refers to an appeal that is hard to resist, but that if followed, will lead to a bad result.

Brady Flower has FREE Kiosk Profit tips for you!

Last update, I told you about the two major product types, Demonstration and Static products. If you missed that update, you can read it here:


However, there is actually a THIRD 'TYPE' of product with such a strong allure, that it can draw you in....

....and potentially dash your hopes on the rocks - like the sailors drawn in by the 'Siren's Song' - if you are not careful!

What is that third 'type' product?

It's a type I call the 'Hot, New Product!'

Potentially the next 'Beanie Baby' or 'Metabolife' or 'Radio Controlled Mini Car'....

Not a day goes by that I am not asked for that 'Hot, New Product' to sell in the mall...the one that EVERYONE is going to want.

A 'Hot, New Product' CAN make you a lot of money! This product 'type' can have a HIGH profit potential! But here's the thing....it can be pretty risky. The potential of the 'Hot, New Product' can be a lot like the allure of the 'Siren's Song'. It can draw you in, and then dash your hopes on the rocks.

For every 'Radio Controlled Mini Car', there are LOTS of products that never GET hot. You have to guess RIGHT with the 'Hot, New Product'. There is always the RISK that you guess WRONG.

And there are so many things that can DERAIL even a product that IS Hot from ever succeeding on a cart or kiosk...

...Competitor Knockoffs...
...Supply Problems....

Listen to what Pat Yates, owner and president of 'Happy Feet' points out in the latest issue of the Specialty Retail Report ( http://www.kioskexpert.com/srr.htm ):

'Sometimes people get CAUGHT UP in something new and unproven. The new and greatest widget CAN BE risky'

He suggests doing research on products that have PROVEN successful, and replicating THAT success!

A HOT, NEW product CAN make you money!  However, with the stakes high - your profits ARE on the line - are you willing to accept the consequences if it's NOT the next Beanie Baby?  If so, proceed forward!

If you are first time operator, consider avoiding the 'allure' of the 'Hot, New Product' and stick with a product that is PROVEN to be successful.

Once you have a season 'under your belt' and have a little experience, you will be in a much better position to evaluate the risks associated with 'following the Siren's Song'!

May fortune be with you!

Brady Flower

P.S. What's the best source for new AND proven products?  Specialty Retail Report magazine, of course!  Click here to subscribe:


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