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Are YOU invited to the Party?

When I opened up my first Comfort Zone cart back in 1996, the night before our first day I was up almost ALL night setting up.

And boy was I tired that first day we were open.

My SECOND season, I KNEW I didn't want to go through that kind of long night AGAIN. Plus our first day was a Saturday. I KNEW I would want a full night's sleep in order to be fresh for such a busy day.

That year, one of my new staff members, one of my college gals, OFFERED to come help me set up. It sounded like a such a good idea, I asked a few others to come help.

And it worked out GREAT. They whole process went much quicker! And we ALL got a good night's sleep!

I learned that Inviting your staff to help you set-up is a SIMPLE way to help that process go much smoother...

....AND help accomplish MORE than you could by yourself.

Here are a few reasons why:

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1) Simply having extra hands will help the set-up process go MUCH quicker! There are always little things folks can do to help. Your staff is often more than willing to help you set up, IF you ask.

Why not put your staff into action right away?

2) Having your staff be there to assist with the set-up process helps them to feel more like part of your TEAM. Think of it like training camp.  You are all up a little later than normal, in the mall, when it's normally closed. It can have a kind of bonding effect.

The more of a TEAM feeling you can build amongst your staff, the HARDER they will tend to work for you!

3) It gives them an EXTRA chance to familiarize themselves with your products, and the layout of your cart, BEFORE you are open. They are putting inventory on shelves, setting up your display, plugging things in.....etc.

They are that much more likely to know what is going on, and to be ready to SELL for you, once you are actually open for business.

You can almost make a 'PARTY' atmosphere out of the process by ordering pizza or sandwiches, and having some soda or water to drink. If you can create a FUN environment for your staff, they are going to WANT to work for you. And once you are open, you are going to want them to WORK - and work HARD. 

So it pays to make these 'non-open' hours as enjoyable as possible.

The more FUN you can make it for your staff, the more FUN it tends to be for YOU too. If you can make money, AND have fun....well, why not?

Oh, and all of us got to bed relatively early that night. And that first Saturday....we did almost $800 in business!

Perhaps not a record....but pretty good for a first day!

Anyway, make the set-up process EASY on YOURSELF. Invite your staff to help!

Brady Flower

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