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Why You Need THESE
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Dear Friend,

Not too long ago, I was on one of my Laser Coaching Calls with a mall operator from California.

She was an experienced cart operator, having run five sunglasses carts for the last seven years.

During the holidays she would 'switch out' of sunglasses, and replace them with more holiday oriented products. And she was talking to me because she wanted some help picking a product to switch into this upcoming season.

She first told me about some of the products she had sold in the past. Almost half of them were pretty solid concepts.

'How did you do with those concepts?'

The sales numbers she quoted me weren't too hot. 'Hold on', I said.

'Before we go any further, let's first sort out why these OTHER solid concepts didn't work for you.'

After a few questions, we got down to the 'meat of the matter.'

'How many people did you have working?'

She replied, 'Usually just one, maybe two when it got really busy.'


So often I get asked how to ATTRACT people to our carts or kiosks.

JUST as important though, is what we DO with them, once we attract them.

So often I see cart and kiosk operators that repeatedly DRIVE AWAY the
customers they attract. They do it over and over again. 

Not purposefully, mind you. But unwittingly.

Here's how it happens...

Suppose I am ALONE at my cart or kiosk, and a potential customer stops by. So far, so good. That's what we want, right.

Now... I'm in the process of talking to customer ONE... when after a moment... someone ELSE stops by.

Well... what to do now?

If I don't have someone ready to talk to that second customer right away... there's a good chance that the second customer leaves.

Just like that, they're gone.

Quick Result: Customer driven away.

If I interrupt my first customer to talk to the second one... there's a good chance the FIRST customer gets turned off... and leaves.

Result: Customer driven away.

Suppose I CONTINUE talking to the first customer, while the second one WAITS. 

If the first customer is still 'on the fence' about making a purchase, or hasn't decided yet... the PRESENCE of that second customer waiting can cause the first one to feel PRESSURE. 

The first customer unconsciously begins to feel OBLIGATED to make a purchase... because they are taking up my TIME while someone else is waiting.

Rather than feel that obligation and pressure, they'll often 'escape' by saying something like... 'Well, let me think about it.'  

Result Again: Customer driven away.

If we are not aware of what's happening, it's easy to chalk it up to...

'Customers just aren't buying today.'

What's really happening is that WE are driving these customers away. That's often why they 'just aren't buying today.'

It's useful to understand how we create that situation... and how we can create the situation we desire.

It's simple really...

If you want to SELL to more of the customers you DO attract...

... have ENOUGH salespeople in place to sell to those customers.

That's it for today!


Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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