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Why Pick a Proven Product

Dear Friend,

Last week I got the chance to sell some jewelry at a festival-type market in a small town here in Minnesota.

I'd never sold jewelry before.

But I wanted to try it. Because there are a lot of folks on my list that sell jewelry.

I've felt for a while that having some experience selling jewelry would enhance my ability to support folks that already sell jewelry.

Plus, I thought it would be fun.  And I could pick up some "pocket money."

So last Thursday morning I got up early, packed up a van, and headed out to this small-town in Minnesota to sell jewelry for the day.

As I hit the road, I checked out the sky, and saw there was no break in the clouds.  And the dash display read 52 degrees.

Overcast and chilly. 

Not unusual for Minnesota. But out of character for this summer. Recently the weather here in Minnesota has been nearly perfect.

I wondered how the first chilly day of the season might effect sales.

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When I got to the market, I set up my display.

Then I promptly sold nothing for the first hour.

And all the vendors around me were telling me it was the 'worst day of the summer', after just one hour.

Well, this led to several reactions in my mind....

"What am I doing here..."
"I don't know anything about selling jewelry..."
"Maybe this is harder than I thought..."

And on, and on, and on....

"Am I going to sell ANYTHING today...?"

"Am I going to sell ANYTHING today...?"

Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

When I started my first mall cart, I would think it first thing every single morning.

And the thought would hang out... ominously... at least until I made my first sale of the day.

"Am I going to sell ANYTHING today...?"

This is definitely not a deliberate attitude that
I want to hold.

It's more of a worry. A fear. And definitely not a very comfortable feeling.

What I learned to do each morning was to simply replace that worry with a reminder to myself...

That reminder was that the product I was selling was a proven product.

As long as I did my part, I KNEW I sell would sell that day.

One of the benefits of picking a proven product is a deep KNOWING that your product WILL sell, if you do your part.

That knowing stems from the fact that when you're selling a proven product, it's ALREADY been proven to sell.

You don't have to wonder WHETHER it will sell.

And if you're NOT selling, you know it's not the product.  And probably not the venue either.

It's YOU.

If YOU'RE not selling, you know it's because you're not doing your part.

There is great power in knowing something is selling - or not selling - because of your own efforts.

That's because YOU control you.

And when you control your efforts... you can adjust your efforts... to create the result you really want.

And the result I wanted last week at the market was to sell some jewelry!

I took my attention off of my doubts as to whether I was going to make any sales... and put my attention on creating the interactions that would lead to sales.

Sure enough, I made my first sale within a few minutes. Then another. Then another.

By the end of the day, I'd sold 30 % more in jewelry than my neighbor said she sold on a typical good day.

And my neighbor on the other side told me that if I sold that much on a 'bad' day, he thought I'd 'kick butt' on a good weather day.

If you're starting a new cart or kiosk business, consider choosing a proven product.

That's because you go can forward with a deep KNOWING on your part that it will sell.

As long as you do your part. And you control that!


Brady Flower

P.S. P.S. Are you looking for a proven product to sell this fall or holiday season?

I periodically profile proven and profitable products via email.  You can receive these profiles when they are sent by simply registering here:

My next profile will be a Halloween product that allows you to profit in October!


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