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Scripting the Sales Process

Dear Friend,

Not too long, I was interviewed by a reporter for the local daily paper here in Minnesota... for an article she was writing about mall carts in the Twin Cities.

One of the questions she asked was about what it took for a cart to be successful.

I told her was that your product is almost inconsequential if you don't have a proven method for selling it.

I was quoted in the article...

"It's like a dance that you have choreographed out. You literally have to have it scripted out..."

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In my last email to you, I mentioned that I had to fill in for a partner at a cart we were opening here in the Twin Cities for Valentine's Day.

He had to beg out at the last minute due to a family issue.

Because I wasn't expecting to run the cart, and had been out of town much of January, I hadn't put a lot of attention on the specifics of the how to sell the product.

So when we opened Friday morning a few weeks ago, I didn't know exactly how to sell the product.

Our first weekend open, we made some sales. But didn't exactly set the world on fire with our sales.

I found myself more 'hoping' the customer would buy... rather than knowing why they were buying, and knowing how to influence them to buy our product.

Selling a product based upon 'hope' isn't very comfortable. And I find it doesn't usually work as well either.

So... first thing Monday morning, I got on the horn to the supplier and had him go over with me again how to sell his product.

He told me what he did again. He gave me a list of talking points. Things to say to customers. And things that he'd found had worked for him.

Although that was helpful, it felt more like he was giving me a rough draft of the selling process.

The 'dance steps', without the dance routine being fully choreographed and scripted out.

So... I decided that by the end of the two weeks, I was going to get this selling process fully scripted out.

I was going to 'choreograph the dance'.

My intention was for us to get beyond the hoping and praying a customer would buy... and instead... to know exactly why they bought our product... and how to influence them to buy.

And I did.

It took some trial and error, though.

But by time the two weeks elapsed, I had it figured out.

In fact, our third best selling day was the Saturday AFTER Valentine's Day. We sold three times as much as we sold the first Saturday we were open.

With the same product. And the same traffic.

The main difference was us... we finally KNEW exactly how sell the product.

And we knew if we did 'our thing', customers were GONNA to buy.

So what I thought I'd do over the next week or so, is actually give you a peek at the how I scripted out the sales process.

You'll get a peek at what a scripted sales process feels like. And a peek at what elements are needed.

That way, when you're looking for a cart or kiosk product, you'll have a better idea what to look for...

Of course, the actual script would be different for a different product.

But I think you'll find that the elements of the script, and of a choreographed 'sales dance' are remarkably similar in most any situation.

In the meanwhile... if you're looking for a mall cart or kiosk product... register to be placed on my Mall Kiosk and Cart product profile list.

I send out periodic profiles of proven mall cart products and concepts. And I'm about to release a few more.

Most are proven products, with a selling process ALREADY scripted out for you.

It's free to register to receive these profiles. You can register here:

Brady Flower


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