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Why Use a Sales Script?

Dear Friend,

Earlier this week, I sent a couple of updates on the importance of using a sales script.

You can check those out at:

Here is just one of the responses I received from a reader that just started using a script: 

'... So I started using the script.  I use it as much as possible. I realize[d] a few things.  It helps customers understand what we are selling.  I always assume, that they can tell just by looking at [our product] what we are selling. 

I was actually surprised that even as they stop and look, and look for about  5 minutes, that they don't know what we're selling. 

By doing the script and showing them [our product], they immediately react with an 'Ohh..I see what it is' kinda like they suddenly understand what the product is...'

                    - D.B.  California

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It doesn't matter how OBVIOUS what it is you're selling seems to YOU... there are many customers who just won't GET it... unless you HELP them.

When you use a script, you HELP your customers understand... WHAT 'it' is you sell...  and how 'it' will BENEFIT them. This is WANTED information.

(After all, why did they stop in the first place?)

When the 'lightbulb' goes on... and your customer 'suddenly' understands what it is you are selling... you'll find they MUCH more likely to buy.

You'll sell to MORE customers! And you'll sell more to EACH customer that you DO sell to!

Want to sell more?  Use a sales script!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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