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Finding the Right Mall Cart or Kiosk
Product for YOU!

Dear Friend,

Last month I was in San Jose, California at the SPREE show sponsored by the Specialty Retail Report magazine.

Robert Meirovich of the Seacret company spoke on the topic, "Finding the Right Demo Products." (Seacret is a supplier of Dead Sea beauty products.)

Robert was filling in for another speaker, and spent the first half an hour of the session talking about his experience negotiating with malls and other related topics. 

Half way through the session, he got around to addressing the topic at hand, finding the right demo product.

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He suggested three simple rules for finding the right mall cart or kiosk product. And I'll share them with you in a moment.

Now these 'rules' may seem very simple.  And they are.  However, if you follow them, it's very likely that end up with the right product for you.

1) "See what you like."

Find a product that you like yourself, and are passionate about.  There are more successful concepts in the kiosk market than ever before.

It shouldn't be difficult to find one that appeals to you. 

When you find a product you like, you'll be more likely to present your product in an enthusiastic manner. That will rub off on your customers and your staff, and will
likely result in higher sales.

2) "See what you do best."

Find a product or concept where the selling process matches with what you do well.

It's likely that you may spend a bulk of your time your time selling your product, and/or training your staff to sell your product... especially at first.

It helps if you are doing something you do well!

When you find a concept that matches up with what you do well, you'll feel more comfortable, you'll find it easier to train your staff, and you'll sell more.

3) "See results."

Look for a product with a track record of success.

Has it been sold before?  If so, how well?

Everyone likes the idea of the hot, new product.  However, some products never actually make it to 'hot.'

When you pick a product that has been tried, tested and SHOWN to work, you'll greatly improve the odds of that product that working for you too!

Suggestion for the day:

Follow these three simple rules when looking for the right cart or kiosk product:

1) See what you like.
2) See what you do best.
3) See results.

You're likely to end up with the right product for YOU!


Brady Flower



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