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Represent Your Expectations When Hiring

Dear Friend,

Hey.  In my last update, I offered three tips you could apply to help successfully hire a
staff for your cart or kiosk.

If you missed that update, you can read it here:


Those three tips could really apply to any hiring situation.  But there was one... "Represent Your Expectations" that is particularly important for hiring in a mall cart or kiosk situation.

The reason it can be so important is that there is an existing perception, held by many people, that a cart or kiosk job is a 'do-nothing' type job. They picture a cart employee sitting on a stool, eating pizza, twirling their hair, talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend on the telephone.

Unfortunately, that's what a lot of cart's look like when you walk through the mall. 

Now, if you don't do anything to COUNTER this perception when you open YOUR cart... it'll likely be the expectation of your employees when they come to work for you, too.

A simple way to counter this perception is to represent the expectations your have of your employees... right from the get go... and continue to do it through the entire hiring

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For example, when I started my first mall cart, I was selling a product that required demonstration. My salespeople HAD TO engage customers and sell our products. Sitting on a stool simply wasn't an option.

I found I had to represent my expectations clearly starting in the very first phone telephone conversation I had with prospective salespeople.

Here's how it went... the first thing I did when I got them on the telephone was to make sure of was they were familiar with a cart or kiosk.

"Are you familiar with a cart or kiosk?"

If not, I'd explain it like this:

"They are the little booths or stands in the middle of the aisle in the mall, sometimes they sell jewelry or t-shirts..."

"Oh... ok." 

Then I'd jump right in and acknowledge the perception that many people had of the job on a cart.

"Now, when many people think of working at a mall cart, they think of someone sitting on a stool, by themselves, eating pizza, twirling their hair, talking to their boyfriend (or girlfriend) on the telephone... bored out of their mind."

"Our cart's not like that."

"We're different."

"We're up actively talking with customers, engaging them, and actually selling our product."

"Because of that, we also have more people working at the cart.  Usually a minimum of three at all times..."

Then I addressed the main reason they were calling, which was to earn money... and how they would benefit from the situation...

"Because we're engaging customers, and actually selling our product, we typically SELL a lot more than an average cart or kiosk."

"Because we pay a percentage of our sales to our salespeople, we typically PAY more than an average retail job. A lot more."

"The average per hour someone earned on our carts last season was..." and so on.

Now I know that didn't weed out everyone interested in a do-nothing job. But by representing my expectation right off the bat, I planted the seed of my expectation. 

And that expectation got reinforced at every step in the hiring process... when came in for an interview and saw everyone on their feet selling to customers... when they found out about the five minute script they needed to memorize... and so on.

If they weren't interested in actually working, they would  usually weed themselves out. And I ended up with a staff of salespeople that sold over $100K that holiday season.

Now, your situation might be different. Your expectations might be different.  The point is to let prospective employees know right off the bat what you DO expect, and what THEY can expect when working for you...

Represent your expectations right from the beginning during the hiring process. You're more likely end up with the staff you desire.

Be profitable,

Brady Flower

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