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The REAL Secret to Your Success

Dear Friend,

Today, I wanted to discuss a comment that I got from the SPREE show that ended a week and a half ago.

(SPREE Show = The Show for Cart and Kiosk Retailers)

After that show, I literally jumped on a plane, got back into Minneapolis at 6am... and was in a workshop that started at 9 am that morning... 

.. and have been attending workshops all day, every day since - until yesterday.

So today is the first day since getting back that I have had a little breathing room and a real chance to talk to you about this.

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Before I started my first cart a number of years ago... my supplier gave me some advice that I think holds true to this day...

'SUCCESS is the SUM TOTAL of doing a lot of LITTLE THINGS right.' As they put it, if success were a result of doing any one BIG thing right, EVERYONE would do it... right?

I found that to be really SAGE advice.

There ARE a few BIG decisions you have to make when you start a cart or kiosk business... like picking a PRODUCT, and picking a MALL.

Once you get past those BIG decisions, what's left are a lot of 'little' things. HOW you handle the 'little' things goes a long way to determining the success you will have with your cart or kiosk business!

I was lucky enough in my FIRST year open to have hooked up with a supplier that ATTENDED to a lot of the small details.

They provided us with written manual, videotapes, and audiotapes that provided training on all the LITTLE things required to succeed with that business.

As they put it, 'It's a lot like the Marines, just follow instructions!'

A couple of weeks before I opened my first cart, I went to 'my' mall and spoke with a number of the existing cart operators at the mall.

As it turned out, there was ANOTHER cart operator that had sold the SAME products I was going to sell... in the SAME mall... the PREVIOUS year.

Well, I was REALLY interested to hear more about HIS experience.

One of the first things I discovered was that his sales in the previous season were ONLY  $30,000.. which was a LOT less than my supplier told me to expect! My immediate reaction was CONCERN!

They had represented this as 'a $100,000 mall.' Surely they HAD to have known about this operators experience!

Yikes... had I just been taken to the cleaners?!

However, as we kept talking, and I got a better sense of WHY his sales might have been not so hot!

He 'pooh-poohed' all the stuff in the training manual and videotapes as 'unimportant.' And did things his OWN way instead.

It became clear to me... the more we talked... that he didn't attend to ANY of the little things.  He just didn't think they were important.

That holiday season, my cart did well over $100,000 in sales - just like my supplier said it would... in the SAME mall, with the SAME product as the operator did $30,000 in sales the previous year.

So what WAS the difference between my results, and the operator who did only $30,000 in sales the previous?

It certainly WASN'T any of the big decisions.... we had the SAME mall, and the SAME product.

You COULD say it was the operator! :-)

But, if you were to dig a little DEEPER, you'd find the major difference between our results came from all the LITTLE things we did differently...

.. things that ANY operator selling that product could have replicated.

You could look at any one of number of suggestions that my supplier gave me that year... and said to yourself... 'This doesn't seem like it would really make much of a difference.' And you might be right!

But, here is the thing...  I have found there is a certain 'SYNERGY' that occurs between when you do a LOT of the little things right.


It occurs when you combine the 'output power' of ONE force with the 'output power' of ANOTHER force... and that creates MORE total 'output power' than when the two forces are individually added together.

Or... you do ten LITTLE things that each increase the sales of your business 2%.... but find that doing ALL those little things TOGETHER increases your business 50% or 100%... that's 'SYNERGY' in action.

So, here's my suggestion. Put some effort into getting the big decisions right! Pick a good product. Pick a great mall!

Then, once you have made the right BIG decisions, switch your focus to doing all the LITTLE things right.  Let the concept of SYNERGY go to work FOR you!  It's where your REAL power will come from!  And a big 'secret' to success!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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