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Dear Friend,

The most common question that I receive is about finding products to sell on a mall cart
or kiosk.

When I got started with my first mall cart a number of years ago, I really got 'lucky' and
in a way, just 'stumbled' upon the first product I sold.

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My family was out visiting Montana for the holiday season.  I was planning on going skiing at Big Mountain, not too far from Glacier Park in Northern Montana.

For Christmas, my father gave me a small hand-held heat pack that he picked up at a table that was set up in the local  mall.  He liked it, and thought I would like it when I went skiing.

At the time, the little Kalispell Center Mall didn't even rent carts or kiosks - just space on banquet tables! (Although I haven't been out there in a few years, I understand they have carts now.)

Anyway, I'd seen the table set-up in the mall before Christmas when I was doing my holiday shopping.

And I figured there was some sort of 'entrepreneurial' opportunity associated with it. And I was interested in that kind of thing. So I called the phone number that was printed on the heat pack. As luck would have it, it turned out that the company had one of the most established cart programs in the United States.

They had a business start-up kit they offered to send out to me. And they had all the business systems for the business already figured out.

'Would you like us to send a kit to you?', they asked.

'Sure! That would be great!', I replied.

So they sent me one of their kits.

And the following holiday season, I opened my first mall cart selling reusable heat packs in a suburb of Minneapolis. 

And ultimately went onto being one of their top distributors. And I'll always thank my dad for giving that gift that turned out to be my entry into the world of cart and kiosks.

I always felt I got little lucky. I just 'happened' to come across a product that turned out to be really profitable, and went forward with it.

Nowadays, you don't have to count on being quite so lucky to find profitable products to sell in the mall.  That is because there is a source that you can turn to find all sorts of profitable products.

It's called the Specialty Retail Report magazine. And it's pages are filled with contact information for companies that supply profitable products to mall cart and kiosk operators.

It's the only source of it's kind, and the only periodical that is geared specifically to the cart and kiosk industry.

Are you looking for a profitable mall cart or kiosk product?

Check out the Specialty Retail Report magazine first. It's only $49.95 a year to subscribe - and it's well worth it!

Specialty Retail Report Magazine


Brady Flower

P.S. It's the first place I look to find profitable mall cart or kiosk products. You can find them too! Subscribe today:

Specialty Retail Report Magazine


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