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Discover the Seven Profit Streams of a 'Six Figure' Cart or Kiosk

Audio CD Recording Now in Pre-Production

Dear Friend,

Today... I am announcing something BRAND NEW for YOU as a subscriber of the Kiosk Expert email newsletter.

I'm inviting you to pre-order the audio CD recording join me on Tuesday, September 26, at 2 pm CST for of my first tele-seminar...

'Seven Profit Streams of a Remarkably Profitable Cart or Kiosk!'

In the past ten years in the cart and kiosk business... I have discovered SEVEN profit streams that just about ANY cart or kiosk operator can profit from.

Add just ONE to what you do now, and you'll DOUBLE your profits!  Add them all and your profits will SOAR to over SIX figures!

For example....

How would you like to learn how to get someone ELSE to pay your rent FOR you every month?

Or learn how to generate a steady monthly income from your customers... even if you CLOSE after the holidays?

I'll show you how!

Click here to register now! Pre-order the audio CD recording!:

When I first opened my cart ten years ago, I made over $114K in sales in just two months, which resulted in a profit of about $30K. And I thought I was doing great! And I was!

But then the holiday season ended. And the money stopped flowing! Ouch! Although $30K seemed like GREAT money for two months effort... it wasn't 'year-round' money. 

It was clear if I wanted to earn the kind of money I wanted to in life... I was going to have to do something different.

I decided to make it MY GOAL in life to figure out a way to make a SIX FIGURE income from my single cart.

At the time I wasn't so into managing a bunch of employees in multiple carts...

I figured if I could make SIX figures off my SINGLE cart... that'd be enough to own a home... support a family... take some nice vacations... whatever I wanted...

In the last ten years of trial and error, I have uncovered SIX profit streams that ANY cart or kiosk operator can tap of a single holiday location.

These six profit streams that will allow you to generate an INCOME (not just sales) of SIX FIGURES from that single cart or kiosk...

... and even MORE if you have a year round location!

There IS a SEVENTH profit stream involves multiple carts. It will allow you earn literally AS MUCH money as you have ever dreamed of earning... as long as you understand, and employ, the first profit streams along the way!

Click here to register now! Pre-order the audio CD recording!:

On this tele-course, you will learn:

=> How to generate a regular MONTHLY income stream from your current customers...  an income stream that continues month after month, year after year, even AFTER you close the 'doors' to your business!

=> How to get someone ELSE to pay your rent FOR you, and put EXTRA money in your pocket... BEFORE you open for the holidays, or have to make your monthly rent payment!

Never complain out those high mall rents again... because someone ELSE will be footing the bill!

=> How to tap into a 'hidden' year-round weekday venue that routinely produces $2K, $3K, $5K in sales in just two or three hours per day.... and once produced  $123,000 in three days!

This venue can be found ANYWHERE in the country, and is available with LITTLE or NO rent cost at all.

=>  How to tap into these events that produce 'Christmas-like' sales, all year-round basis... one such event produced over $91,000 in sales in only 12 days, with almost NO rent expense. And generated profits of over $40,000!

Learn how YOU can take advantage of these 'Mini-Christmas' season events!

=>  How to generate 'CHUNKS' of cash from your current customers...
sometimes $2K, $3K at a time... with very little effort on your part.

Let me show you how I pulled almost $50K from this method one year.

=>  How to 'prime the pump' at your current locations... so you are best able to maximize your income from ALL these profit streams...

=>  How to multiply your efforts over and over again so that you can almost effortlessly make as much money at will!

And much more... !

Check out the details, and register at:

If you use only ONE of these additional profit methods, it make it worth the cost of registration 100 times over... if you use them all... you can make as much money as you've ever dreamed of!

Hope to have you along on the call!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

P.S. Don't Delay! Register now! Pre-order the audio CD recording!



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