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The Specialty Retail Report Magazine Specialty Retail Report Magazine

If you are looking for a complete source for up-to-date information in the mall cart and kiosk industry, subscribe to the "Specialty Retail Report" Magazine.

You will find proven concepts featured, as well the latest products hitting the malls. Learn secrets from successful entrepreneurs, and marketing tips to help your business's profits skyrocket!

For a limited time only: When you subscribe to the "Specialty Retail Report" Magazine, receive the FREE BONUS report: "Eleven Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Before Picking Your Product."

The Instant Traffic Attracter

The "Instant Traffic Attracter"

Draw a crowd....and then draw an even BIGGER crowd with the "Instant Traffic Attracter"!

Is your cart constantly at the mercy of mall traffic? Use this "trick" learned from a little old lady to help magically 'attract' traffic to your cart.

The "Instant Traffic Attracter" will help get people to LOOK and STOP at your cart! Your salespeople will sell more. You will earn more. And every other cart owner in the mall will be wondering how you are doing it.

As one cart operator put it, " cart went from empty to packed.....every single time!"

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