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Are YOU Looking for a PROFITABLE
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Dear Friend,

The most common question that I get regards picking your PRODUCT. And it SHOULD be the most common question.

Picking a product is typically the biggest and most important SINGLE decision you have to make for your cart or kiosk business.

And if you read through my past updates, you'll see MANY devoted to 'PROCESS' of picking a profitable product.


But I still get many QUESTIONS asking me about picking products... where do we FIND them... what are the HOT ones... can you RECOMMEND some...

While I think it is important to know for OURSELVES what to look for when picking a product...

..  today I am unveiling a NEW service for you all, the readers of my newsletter.

NEW: Product Profile List

I am going to send out, via email, PROFILES of products and concepts that fit the criteria I use when picking a product.

These profiles aren't going out to everyone. You have to 'register' to receive these profiles. The good news is that registration is FREE!

Here's how it works:

If you want me to send you these profiles, simply 'opt-in' to my 'Product Profile' list.  To kick off this new service, I have written a Special Report:

"Ten Costly Mistakes Mall Cart Operators Make When Picking a Product... and How YOU Can Avoid Making Them"

When you register for my Product Profile list, you'll receive a copy of that report free! If you want to get these profiles, and the free report, you can register right now at:


For those of you interested, I will then send out profiles of products and concepts that catch MY attention.

Most will be probably will be PROVEN probably... ones supplied by companies that have figured out all the LITTLE things required to succeed with their line.

That's where I think most of us should start.

Sometimes I'll send out info about a product or concept that isn't COMPLETELY fleshed out... but is on the WAY... and looks promising. And I may occasionally send out info about a newer product that I intuitively get a good 'FEEL' for.

The KEY is, it will be a way for you to get some additional INPUT into the process of picking a profitable product that is right for YOU.

Here is the link again, for those of you that want to register:


And remember, those of you that DO register will receive my new report:

"Ten Costly Mistakes Mall Cart Operators Make When Picking a Product... and How YOU Can Avoid Making Them"

Register now:


Talk to you SOON!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert


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