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Pay For Performance

Dear Friend,

My very first cart supplier offered a unique, and fairly impressive perk to their mall cart distributors.

Each year, they offered an all-expenses paid trip for two to Mexico to their top holiday distributors
Puerto Vallarta one year... Acapulco the next... then Cancun... and so on...

Since I qualified as one of their top distributors each year, each April I got to go on these trips...

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One of the aspects I enjoyed most on these trips was meeting, and talking to, the other top distributors selling the same products.

I think because I was usually one of the youngest on these trips, the older distributors would see themselves as 'taking me under their wing.'  And they would share their best tips with me.

I was always MORE than happy to listen to and soak up all the tips I could get.

Invariably the topic of employees and salespeople would come up.

What surprised me the first couple of trips was the level of complaints voiced by the other distributors about their staff.

When this happened, I just kept my mouth shut.

The reason I kept my mouth shut... was I loved my staff!  They MADE my business.

Without them performing well, I wouldn't have done nearly as well. (And I most certainly would not have qualified for those Mexico trips.)

In the course of those discussions, I realized that I did something that was slightly different with regards to my staff.

Something that led to quite a different experience for me with my staff.

In simple terms... I more thoroughly paid my staff for the areas of performance I wanted from them.

All of us... myself and the other distributors... paid our staff mostly by commission.

And we all got the sales. That's why we all qualified for those Mexico trips.

I just went a little further than that. 

When I wanted an element of performance from my staff... whether it was learning a script... or practicing our script... or demonstrating leadership... or whatever...

I would do my best to isolate that area of performance, find a way to measure that area of performance, then pay my staff for performing in that area. 

Separate and distinct from what they earned for selling.

Some of those areas included the following:

Learning our script...
Practicing our script....
Working longer hours...
Staying through Xmas...
Demonstrating Leadership...
Meeting their/my goals...
Attending weekly meetings...
Referring other salespeople...
Selling add-ons... to name a few....

When I sat down to write this email, I counted eighteen separate and distinct areas of performance... in addition to sales where I compensated my staff...

Now, individually these areas I mentioned might not sound like the biggest of deals... certainly not as big as selling... But if you have to deal with problems in each of these areas... and more... the headaches can add up.

When you can get your staff to perform in ALL the areas you want performance, not only is it MUCH easier to run your cart, but you can make A LOT more money too!

I certainly found when I paid my staff more completely for their performance... they performed better... and my cart did better.

I found there were at least a couple of reasons why:

When "I" valued areas enough to compensate my staff for their performance... they intrinsically tended to place more value on performing well in these areas.

They did the things I asked of them... in part... because I showed them... by paying them... that I placed value on those areas.   

And of course...  a big reason they performed better... and did the things I asked of  them... was simply because they earned more when they did what I asked!

One of the simplest things you can do to run a more profitable cart or kiosk, is get better performance from your sales staff.

One of the simplest WAYS to get better performance from you staff, is to decide the areas of performance you want from your staff....

Then pay them when they perform in those areas.

Does that sound simple?  It is. 

Yet not all cart and kiosk operators do it.

If you haven't done it yet, give it a try!

Pay for performance!

I think you'll like the results!


Brady Flower

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled to your email box! As
in the next couple of days I'm going to be releasing
a major new program you won't want miss!


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