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Why You Should 'Own the Process'

Dear Friend,

I was on a telephone call with business coach Lou D'Alo last week. He shared something with me that I thought was important enough to pass along.

On that call, Lou talked about why we should, as marketers, 'Own The Process'.

What did he mean by 'Own The Process'?

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When dealing with customers, it means we take responsibility for ALL aspects of the selling process. That way... all our customers have to do is 'show up'.

THEY don't have to figure out what it is we sell... how it works... how it will help them. Because WE take care of it ALL.

WE explain what our product is.

WE ask the questions we NEED to ask in order for us to help them.

WE walk them through EXACTLY how they'll benefit from whatever it is we sell.

As copywriter Claude Hopkins wrote in his famous book, 'Scientific Advertising'...

...'Remember that the people you address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing about your interest or your profit. They seek service for themselves.'

When we 'Own the Process', we are really offering service. When we offer service, we provide VALUE.

And when we provide value, people have a tendency to provide value back. 

When we 'Own the Process'... customers buy more.

We can 'own the process' as an employer, too.

When dealing with our salespeople, it means we provide them everything they need in order to sell our products... we supply the customers, the selling method, the selling tools... whatever.

They just need to 'show up', and follow our method, in order to succeed.

When we 'Own the Process'... our salespeople sell more.

'We' can 'own the process' as product suppliers also.

The better business model we provide, the more systems we offer, the less 'our distributors' have to figure out on their own. 'We' provide it all FOR 'our' distributors.

'Our distributors' just have to 'show up', follow 'our' model, and succeed.

When 'Own the Process'... and 'our' distributors move more product.

Customers buying more.

Salespeople selling more.

Distributors moving more product.

All benefits of owning the process!

Do you own YOUR process....?

What part of your 'process' can you 'own' more of today?

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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