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Do you currently operate your own mall kiosk or cart business?
Or are you thinking of starting one?

"Learn Practical Money-Making Tips and Strategies that Will Help You Make the MOST Money from YOUR Mall Kiosk or Cart Business!"

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the mall cart or kiosk industry for years, will help pass on to you information, tips and secrets that will help you mazimize the profits from your business!

My name is Brady Flower, and for the last ten years have operated many successful mall carts, and trained literally hundreds of successful cart operators. During that time, I have learned A LOT about how to maximize the profits of ANY mall kiosk or cart.

Now I have decided to share that knowledge and let everyone in on some of these �secrets.�

There are very FEW places you can go to really learn how to succeed with a mall cart or kiosk business. The purpose of this website is to help you make the MOST in profits from your mall kiosk or cart business.

Here are some things you might learn:

  • How to get your rent paid for, and put money in your pocket, BEFORE you
    open for business, or have to make your monthly rent payment!
  • Seven simple steps you can take to get your staff to start to think AND
    act like an owner!
  • Eleven Questions you should ask BEFORE you choose your product!
  • The most important factor in choosing your product!
  • The single biggest marketing mistake most cart operators make...
    ....and how correcting it can put cash in your pocket almost immediately!
  • The "hidden" venue the produced $123,000 in three days is year round, and
    you can find "it" ANYWHERE in the country!
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Here are a few MORE things you might learn:

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