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Why Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

Dear Friend,

Periodically I send out profiles of profitable cart and kiosk products.

If you've been on my newsletter list for any length of time, you may already know this.

A few months ago I sent out a profile.

Right after I sent it, I received an email back from a guy telling he didn't think that concept would work. 

And he wrote a couple of paragraphs explaining just WHY he didn't think it would work.

I laughed when I got his email.

For two reasons.

I laughed first because... when I initially saw the concept... I didn't think it would work either.

For the same reasons he wrote in his email.

I laughed second... and hardest... because it was too late.

The concept was ALREADY working. 

His opinion didn't matter. And neither did mine.

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I get this question a lot, "What do you think about _______________?"

The blank refers to whatever product that person is thinking of selling.

I rarely offer my opinion.

That's because my opinion can be wrong.

And so can yours.

Your supplier's opinion can be wrong.

And your mall leasing rep's opinion can be wrong too.

In fact, I don't suggest you rely heavily on anyone's opinion... yours or anybody else's... when picking your product.

That's because it's too easy for an opinion to be wrong.

You certainly don't want to choose your product based upon an opinion that turns out to be wrong, right?

The good news is that your opinion doesn't ever need to be right in order to pick a profitable product.

Your could be dead wrong 100% of the time... and still pick a profitable product nearly every time.

As long as you don't RELY on your opinion.

Instead, when initially picking a product, I suggest you put your opinion away... maybe in your back pocket.

And rely more heavily on your skills of perception.

Perception is an ability to use your senses to become aware of what's really out there.

What's REALLY working.

When you use your perception, you don't have to guess at what's working.

You'll KNOW.  

It won't be a maybe. Not a guess. And certainly not your opinion. 

You'll know what's ALREADY working.

And your opinion won't matter.

When you pick a concept that's already working, you greatly increase your chances of picking a winner.

Now... when I suggest that your opinion doesn't matter... it's a little bit 'tongue in cheek.'

If you're starting from scratch... selling a new product that's never been sold on a cart... of course... you may actually rely heavily on your opinion.

You'll actually be betting on your opinion.

And if it the potential payoff is big enough, that may make sense for you.

Or suppose you've used your skills of perception to narrow down your choices to two or three profitable concepts.

Then... by all means... break out your opinion and choose the concept you like best.

In general though, when you're looking for a winning cart or kiosk concept... set aside your opinion at first.

Rely on your skills of perception to find concepts that are already working. Pick one of those.

You'll be more likely to end up with a profitable concept. And that's not just my opinion!


Brady Flower

P.S. Are you looking for a winning kiosk or cart concept?

I just returned from the cart and kiosk show in Las Vegas, and I discovered some 'new-er' concepts that are already working.

I'm looking forward to telling you about them.

Starting next week.

If you'd like to hear about them, be sure to register here to receive those profiles:


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