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Why You Should Open In October: Part One

Dear Friend,

Earlier this year, I sent an update about a college student who started with me as a salesperson at my cart, and then went on to start his own cart the following holiday season.

In that update, and in this one, I'll make a suggestion that can help you get open, and take advantage of the holidays even if you are a bit tight on funds.

If you missed that update, you can check it out here:

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Vitaly was pretty young, and pretty tight on money. He'd been one of my best salespeople the previous holiday season. And I agreed to help him open his own cart this particular season.

Even WITH my help, it wasn't a sure thing that he would have enough money to get started.

Traditionally, the holiday season for a cart or kiosk includes two months, November and December.  The malls charge more for these two months than the rest of the year. And they usually package those two months together.

What Vitaly decided to do was open in October. October rent is usually significantly cheaper than November, so it cost him less to get started.  He figured he would take the money he made in October and apply it to the first installment of his November holiday rent.

And that's how it worked out.  He sold a little over $15K that October. And cleared enough to make the first payment on his holiday rent.

Then he went on to sell another $80K during the two month holiday season.  Overall his sales were just over $95K for the three months, and he ended the season with a solid profit.

Now our supplier was thrilled this revelation.  For Vitaly. And for themselves. Based upon his success that holiday season, they decided to suggest to ALL their new distributors that they open in October... the following season.

I was a bit dubious about the suggestion on the whole. A two month holiday season can feel a lot like a sprint.  I found it easy to feel a bit frazzled after two months of long hours.

Now, Vitaly was a super-motivated young guy with LOTS of energy.  I wasn't sure how an 'average' distributor would stand up to a three month 'sprint.'

But they went ahead with their recommendation. And a large number of their new distributors opened in October the next season.

That next holiday season, my now colleague Vitaly just crushed the 'numbers', and broke the company record for holiday sales. He sold over $20K in October, and over $140K for the three month holiday season.

I expected that from Vitaly.  What I was really anxious to hear was how all the OTHER distributors did who opened in October.  Would they be so burned out that they never wanted to open a cart again?

Well, at the end of each holiday season, our supplier sent us a list with the names and phone numbers of their distributors that season.

I had made it a habit of calling each one, and talking with them about their experiences. I found that I learned an awful lot in course of these conversations.

This season, I was particularly interested in hearing from the folks that opened 'early' in October, and hearing about their experience.

However, when I finally got to talk with folks, I found their experience to be dramatically different than what I expected...

So what did I find out?  I'll tell you about that in my next full update.

In the interim, keep in mind that if you are a bit tight on the funds, but motivated to get open a cart or kiosk and fully take advantage of the holiday season...

... a less costly way to get started... is to open in October when the rent is less, and then use your profits from that month to cover your holiday rent!

It's an easy way to 'get in the game' if you are little tight on the funds!

Talk to you soon...

Brady Flower

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Brady Flower



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