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Why Open a Mall Cart or Kiosk

Dear Friend,

A lot of people see the carts or kiosks in their local mall, but have no idea just how profitable they can be.

Here are three reasons why opening a mall cart or kiosk business can be such an attractive venture:

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1) Customers Ready to Buy

First, with a mall cart or kiosk business, you get to tap into the shopping mall existing mall traffic. These shoppers come to the mall prepared to buy, often with their credit cards in one hand and shopping lists in the other.

With a mall cart or kiosk, you get to be out in the middle of the mall and get 'first crack' at all these 'hungry' customers! 

By targetting buyers that are 'prepped' and ready to buy, you can make a large amount of sales - and profit - in relatively short period of time!

2) Low Start-Up Costs

The upfront costs are associated with starting a mall cart or kiosk business are extremely low.

With a mall cart or kiosk, you can often be up and running for a fraction of what it would cost to start a more traditional business. There are no high-priced franchise fees. No long-term leases. No exorbitant advertising costs.

The low start-up costs involved with opening a mall cart or kiosk business allow just about anyone to open and run their own profitable business.

3) Quick Return of Profits

One of the best aspects of running a mall cart or kiosk is that you get a relative quick return on your up-front 'investment'.

Have you ever heard the maxim that you should expect to wait two years or more for a new business to show a profit?

It doesn't usually take that long mall cart or kiosk! With a mall cart or kiosk business, it is not unusual for you to get your start-up funds back - and put a large profit in your pockets - within the first couple of months.

To get more details on starting your own profitable mall cart or kiosk, register for my f-r-e-e 7-day, mini ecourse:

How to Start Your Own Mall Cart or Kiosk Business


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