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One Way to Get Your Staff 'On-Board'

Dear Friend,

I am still out of town at conference (all day, every day for the next week)... and just had a few minutes to pass on this update before the events of the day are started. 

In my last update, I mentioned an article in the USA Today about retailers that really LURED customers to shop and spend with them.

It reminded me of something that you can do to create an environment that better causes folks to shop and spend at YOUR location.

Today's lesson is about a DRILL that will help your STAFF better understand the impact THEY have on prospective customers.

When you use this drill, they will better SEE how THEY are perceived by the customers that walk by all day. It's simple and easy... and fun... and just takes a few moments with each staff member.

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It works like this:

When you have a few free moments at your cart or kiosk...

... simply send one of your STAFF members down the hallway about fifty feet... and ask them to approach your cart or kiosk AS IF they were a customer.

Ask them for them to SEE what a customer would SEE...  NOTICE what a customer would NOTICE... and FEEL what a customer would FEEL as they approach your location.

Then... YOU play the ROLE of a staff member working at your location.

Now, here's the key.  Have your staff member go down the hall and then do this exercise TWO or THREE times. The first time or two... you ACT as if you are the worst staff member possible.

Make the worst possible mistakes your staff members typically make.

For example... you might pick up the phone and pretend to talk to someone and ignore your customers... or perhaps you sit down and put your feet up on the cart... or jump out and 'accost' them with an approach... or...

... whatever it IS that YOU have seen YOUR staff do... and that you DON'T want them to CONTINUE doing.

Then, the LAST time they come down the hallway, act as you would want an IDEAL salesperson to act.

Once you have finished with this exercise, ask your staff member to share with you THEIR impressions... what they noticed each time they walked down the hallway, and how they FELT. 

Doing this exercise will many times result in DRAMATIC realizations by your staff members.

Many times your will find they INTUITIVELY understand what is appropriate when they step OUT of the role of employee... and view the situation as a CUSTOMER would.

You may find THEM telling YOU what is appropriate behavior rather than the other way around. What a refreshing change from the alternative, which may be YOU telling THEM what to do!

This is a SIMPLE and FUN drill to help give your staff members a sense of how THEY are perceived by the folks in the mall!

It can often trigger a shift in how they behave at your cart or kiosk... and result in a more productive sales team!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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