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Why Offer Big

Dear Friend,

On Saturday mornings in the summer, I head over to the Mid-Town (farmer's) Market to pick up fruit and vegetables for the week.

One of my regular stops at the market isn't for corn or tomatoes or apples...

.... but for Uncle Ray's 'Ooey Gooey, Rich and Chewy' chocolate chip cookies

'Uncle Ray' makes the cookies in his home kitchen each week, and sells them at the market in $2 bags (or three bags for $5).

They ARE 'ooey gooey, rich and chewy' just as advertised. And delicious.

I look forward to 'cheating' my normal healthy diet each week at Uncle Ray's

A little over a week ago, I got an email from 'Uncle Ray' reminding me that the
upcoming Saturday was the last of the season...

'Would you be interested in a 1 lb tin of cookies for $10.00?'

'Let me know and I will have it ready for you Saturday.'

Would I?  You bet I would! 

And I emailed him back right quick and asked him to count me in!

When I got to the market on Saturday, I headed over to his booth... saw the 1 lb. tin sitting on the booth table... and found myself immediately disappointed.

Sitting on the table was one of those Christmas cookie size tins... about three
inches tall.

Which is EXACTLY what 'Uncle Ray' offered to me in his email.

But what I had pictured in my MIND was much different.

What I had pictured was one of those HUGE popcorn size tins... twelve inches tall... full of cookies!

That's what I wanted!

Now... my disappointment wasn't with the AMOUNT for the money.

I just wanted MORE. And would have been happy to PAY for more!

As a customer, I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

I was happy to take the biggest option offered... until I saw it, and realized I really
wanted a BIGGER option.

Now... my disappointment was only momentary. I happily took my tin, finished shopping, and headed home.

When I got home, and was unloading my produce... I took off my 'customer hat' for a moment, put on my 'marketing hat'. And pondered this situation a little more.

It occurred to me that if Uncle Ray had offered his $10 tin all summer, I probably would have bought it EVERY week.

(After all, the three $2 bags rarely lasted me into the afternoon!)

I'm sure there would have been OTHER customers that... after finding the $2 bag
so delicious... would have decided to go ahead and take home a $10 tin.

(And perhaps even a bigger tin.)

Here's the lesson... many cart and kiosk find themselves in the SAME situation as
'Uncle Ray.'

The actually LIMIT the size of the sales they make... by not offering enough 'DELUXE' options. 

You can't count on your CUSTOMERS to know what they need or want.

They're simply not thinking that far ahead.

Most often they make decisions based upon what we OFFER.

Offer small... customers buy small. 

Offer big... customers buy big.

As a customer, I never really thought about what size would have been ideal for me. Three bags for $5. 'I'll take that'.

When a bigger size was offered, I bought THAT... and probably would have bought more!

* Do you offer 'deluxe' options now? .

* Can you offer 'bigger'?

That's it for today!

(Now... if only that tin were bigger...)

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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