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Why You Should Open In October: Part Two

Dear Friend,

In my last update, I told you about one of my salespeople, Vitaly (at the time also a college student), that went to open his own profitable cart the following holiday season.

Because he was tight on money, he opened his first cart in October, when the rent was cheaper, so he could earn enough money to cover his first holiday rent payment.

It worked out so well, that the following season, our product supplier suggested to all their new distributors that they open in October.

After each holiday season, my supplier sent us a list with the contact information for each of their dealers. And every season called each one to hear about their experience.

The season in question I was particularly interested in hearing from the folks that opened in October, and hearing about their experience.

This is what I found out, when I finally got a chance to talk with them...

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The returning dealers tended to do well... whether they opened October 1st or November 1st. Now... it was a different story with the new dealers.   

It turned out that the ones that opened in October did a LOT better than the ones that opened only for Nov. and Dec. Not only did they have an extra month to make sales, but they tended to make better sales in Nov. and Dec. as well. And that was only part of the story...

On the whole, the dealers that opened in October reported being a lot LESS stressed and frazzled... than the ones that were only open for two months.

See... when you open up November 1st, you've really only got about three full weeks before Thanksgiving hits to get your staff up and trained... if... you want to fully take advantage of the holiday selling season.

If you are selling a demonstration product, like we were, it can take a salesperson seven to ten days of actual selling time in order to feel comfortable with a script or pitch.

That means if you are using part-time people, you've got no room for error when hiring and training. Salespeople have to work out right away... if your going to be be ready for

On the other hand, the dealers that opened in October had an entire extra month to get their staff hired and trained. If they made a mistake in hiring, or somebody didn't work out, they had plenty time to bring in someone new.

And because they were paying lower rent for October, the pressure to have everything 'work out' right away wasn't quite as high.

Many of the dealers that opened in October made good sales, and a really solid profit. 

However, even the ones that didn't do skyrocket numbers in October, tended to have better sales for the actual November and December season.

That's because they had more time to get ready. They were better prepared to deal with the holiday crowds, once those crowds started to roll in.

Not only did they make more money, but on a whole seemed to have a better and less stressful experience. The following season, a number of dealers opened in mid-September and had even better results.

Now opening in October or earlier might not be appropriate for every product, or for every situation. 

However, you might seriously consider opening in October, or even earlier... especially if you are selling a product via demonstration.

It will give you more time to hire and train a staff.

It will give you more time to learn the business.

And while you learn... you'll do so while paying the lower October rent to the mall.

Higher sales, higher profits and less stress.... that sounds like a winning combination to me.

Be profitable!

Brady Flower

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