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How to Determine if a New Product is a Contender... or Pretender?

Dear Friend,

Periodically, I send out profiles of cart and kiosk products via email to my  newsletter subscribers.

Actually it's to a 'sub-group' of my newsletter subscribers, that have asked to receive these profiles. The purpose of these profiles is to suggest products that I know of that cart operators can sell at their carts and make money with. 

The reason I started sending these profiles is that so many people were asking me for product suggestions. If you want to receive these profiles, I'll explain how you receive them  at the end of this update.

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Because I send these profiles, I get a lot of product suppliers asking me to highlight their new products. Most of the profiles that I send out are of products that have proven track records. But occasionally I will send out a profile of an 'up and coming' product or concept that looks promising.

This update is about one way I identify whether a new product is a contender for 'up and coming'... or still a pretender.

Are you familiar with the old proverb from the 1700's?: 'Thinking is very far from knowing'

Anyone can have an opinion about a product.  An opinion might be right.  It also might be wrong. That's why going forward with a product based simply upon an opinion can be risky. The opinion might be wrong.

That's why when I am faced with evaluating a newer product, the first question I ask is whether they've run a test cart. 

Because a test cart helps eliminate opinion and gets down to the facts. How well did it do?  That's not opinion.  That's knowing.

With a test cart, you know real quick how a product sells. Whether it's a product the market wants, or not. If a test cart does well, that's positive sign that the product might actually up and coming.  A contender. Without the test, it's still a pretender.

Are you looking for the next 'up and coming' product?

This week I will be profiling a product that appears to be an 'up and coming' cart concept. It's one that's been tested.  And tested out well. 

If you want access to this product profile, and other's like it, sign up for my product profile list. You'll periodically receive access to profiles of new and proven cart products and concepts.

Sign up here: http://www.kioskexpert.com/ProductProfiles.htm


Brady Flower

P.S.  When you sign-up for my product profile list, you'll also receive a free copy of my report: "Do You Make These Ten Mistakes When Picking a Product?" 

Here is the link again: http://www.kioskexpert.com/ProductProfiles.htm



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