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Dear Friend,

Some of the most valuable lessons I learned were from my first holiday season open. That's usually the case when you start ANYTHING new. Your learning curve is the steepest at first.  

Today, I want to share an lesson that I learned BEFORE actually opening my first cart.

I was visiting my folks out in Montana, the August before my first holiday season open.

I hadn't decided for sure WHETHER I was going to open a cart or kiosk that holiday season.  And I was intently going over the business start-up kit sent by my potential supplier.

In their brochure, they painted a rosy picture of the profits you could make with a mall cart during the holidays. 

On the side, they also promised opportunities to sell their products year-round... in '2500 Show and Fair Locations.'

I thought that if selling the products at shows and fairs was as lucrative as they promised... it might be a good way to test selling their products before fully committing to the mall. It just so happened that my father worked with a local construction company.  And he knew about a small 'Home and Remodeling Show' coming up in town.

When I checked into it, I found that 'rent' for a space in the show was only $120... and I decided to give it a try.

First thing I did was order about $1000 in product... and got the companies training manuals. And I spent the week before the show feverishly trying to learn the five page script... my supplier emphasized was so important to memorize.

The show was being held at the 'Gateway West Mall',  which at the time was the second tier mall in Kalispell, Montana. And at the time... about half-vacant.

As I recall, my display consisted of a banquet table, a couple of glass blocks, and a board covered with white fabric. And a carpenter's apron to handle the money.

From the moment I got set up, even before the mall and show was 'officially' open, it seemed soooo busy.

Although I was MAKING a lot of sales, I felt like I was LOSING a lot of sales as well.  I'd be talking to ONE PERSON... giving them my best rendition of that five minute script... when someone ELSE would stop by. But I didn't have anybody else there to talk to them.

Sometimes a potential customer would hang around until I was finished with the person I was busy with. But more often than not, they would just leave... before I could talk with them.

And I would lose the chance to make that sale. For good!

It was pretty clear to me that if I was talking to one person... and another one stopped by... unless I had someone ready ELSE to talk with them, I had virtually ZERO chance of making that sale.

And that's the way it typically works. If you don't have a salesperson ready... RIGHT AWAY... to talk with a potential customer... you often LOSE your chance to talk with them. Because they walk away.  And away walks your chance to SELL to them. Often for good!

Since we're paying a pretty HEFTY license fee for access to those customers... especially during the holidays... it doesn't make sense to squander that opportunity just because we don't enough salespeople ready to talk to all our customers.

By the end of that weekend, I had cleared $1200 in sales. But I was left with the feeling that I COULD have cleared $4K to $5K in sales... if only I'd had more salespeople to talk to customers. 

It turns out the real value of that weekend was not $1200 in sales that I made... but learning the importance of having ENOUGH salespeople on hand to talk with customers.

A quick look back at my staff numbers my first season in the mall shows almost 3000 hours worked at my cart. That's an average of almost FIVE people at all times.

One of the primary reasons I was able to do over $100K in sales that holiday season... and walk away with a pretty healthy profit...was due to having enough salespeople on hand to sell to customers...  the lesson I learned before I ever opened. 

A simple rule, during the holidays:

If there are times when someone stops at your cart or kiosk... and you or your staff are initially too busy to help them right away... you need more salespeople on hand. 

It's that simple.


Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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