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Picking a Product with
Multiple Locations in Mind

Dear Friend,

This is the time of the year when folks often think about 'locking in' the product or concept they intend on selling during the holiday season.

One of the considerations to take into account when picking a product is how many locations you want to open for the holidays. You can make a lot of money when you open multiple locations for the holiday season. 

Some products or concepts have attributes that make it easier to open multiple locations.

One thing in particular to look for is a holiday product or concept that you can successfully open and operate EARLIER than November 1st. A holiday product or concept that allows you to open early can make opening multiple locations much easier.

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Picking a product you can successfully open and operate 'early' can allow you to make a lot more money during the holidays, and also in the months leading up to the holidays.  

Here are three ways that picking a product you can sell 'early' will make opening multiple locations easier and more profitable:

1) First, start-up costs are lower when you open in a non-holiday time period.  Simply put, it takes less capital to get open. Base rent is cheaper from January through October. 

With some products, you can also get by with a lower investment in starting inventory.    

Since each location costs less to get open, it's easier to finance the start-up of multiple locations. You can open more locations with less up-front cost.

2) Second, when you pick a product you can sell 'early', you can 'stagger' openings. That means you can get one location up and running before opening the next.

This is particularly helpful when you have to hire and train an entire staff from scratch.

When you 'stagger' your openings, you can use your first location as a base from which to hire and train staff for future locations.  It's often easier to manage the task of hiring and training a staff when you can spread it out over time.

In addition, you may be able use profit from the first locations you've opened... in order to fund locations you open later on. 

3) Third, when you open early, you have more time to get your staff trained and ready for the holidays.

Carts typically only run as well as the personnel that you have running them.  Think of time before the holidays as 'practice for the 24th' of December. The more 'practice' time your staff has before the holiday selling season, the more efficient and capable they are likely to be during that critical time of year. 

They'll be better able to take advantage of selling time. That will help you sell more and make more money. 

If you are looking to open multiple locations for the holidays, consider picking a product that you can justify opening 'early' in most locations.

- You'll be able to open with less up-front investment.
- You'll be able to spread out your openings over time.
- You'll have more time to train your staff. 

The real benefit to you is the opportunity to make more money with multiple locations... and do it with less stress.


Brady Flower


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