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Make Your Customers Comfortable

Dear Friend,

I just got back from Orlando, FL where I was taking a course. I've got a quick little update today.

While I was in Florida, I scheduled a half a day to visit the Florida Mall in Orlando, and check out the cart program there. It's one of the busiest tourist malls in the country.

At one of the carts, I was listening to a sales pitch, when the sales rep suddenly switched gears. She went from telling me about the features and benefits of her product to...

"Now if you buy ten, you get one for free!"

I laughed. And I relaxed. 

That was the point of this little phrase.

To cause me to relax.

She wasn't seriously suggesting that I buy ten of her product. (Although I am sure she would have given me one free if I bought ten...)

She exaggerated her offer to relax me. And loosen me up a bit. That way the buying decision wouldn't seem like such a big deal.

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It's good to have little phrases like this built in to your sales presentation.  They relieve some of the tension that builds when your customer starts to think about actually buying.

As your customers relax, they'll pay more attention, and typically feel more comfortable making the purchase.

Now politicians are usually skilled at using these kinds of phrases to relieve the tension in a given situation. Former president Bill Clinton was a master at this. I read that former president John F. Kennedy was as well.

However, the chances are that your part time sales staff won't be quite as skilled at this.

When you actively build these phrases into to your sales presentation, you take the pressure off your staff to do something they might not be so good at.

You help your staff to make your customers more comfortable. They'll sell more. And they'll sell more for you.

Key point of the day:

A successful sales presentation includes more than just information about your product.

It's helpful to include in a sales presentation little phrases like the ones I've mentioned today. The phrases will help relax your customer so they'll be more attentive and feel more comfortable buying.

The benefit: You'll sell more. And your staff will sell more for you.

More on this next update.

Brady Flower

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