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Building Like and Respect

Dear Friend,

Last email, I introduced the three elements my first supplier told me were necessary for a sale to happen on a cart. As a refresher, they are:

Like and Respect.... Logic and Reason... and Emotion.

When I had to script the selling process for my Valentine's Day product last month... first thing I did was work those three elements of a sale into my sales process.

Today's email is about element number one:

Building Like and Respect.

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Before I go any further, I want to share with you the product I sold for two weeks at Valentine's Day... 'Wood Roses'

The 'Wood Roses' concept is not 'mine', but one I first saw at a show for carts and kiosks last summer. And it's not as boring as it might sound.

The roses are really colorful and life-like. They look real. But are made out of wood. They sell well at Valentine's Day. And I understand from the supplier that they sell even BETTER for Mother's Day.

If you'd like more info on opening a Wood Roses cart for Mother's Day, register to receive the periodic product profiles I send out via email. You'll be taken to a page where you can get more info on the roses concept: to register for details here:

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As my first supplier used to tell us... customers are more likely to listen to... and buy from... people that they LIKE. That's why likable people tend to make good salespeople.

You don't have to be the customer's best buddy to make the sale at a cart. But you want the customer to feel comfortable with you.  

My supplier used to explain it like this...

"Imagine you walk into a restaurant... and the floor is grimy... and mouse runs across the floor."

"You're probably going to walk out.  Nobody likes to buy from someplace that's sleazy."

And in the same way, customers don't want to patron a business that's run sloppily.

They want to patron businesses that are run well. Give the appearance that your business is run well, and customers are more LIKELY to buy from you. 

It doesn't guarantee you make the sale. It gives you a CHANCE to make the sale. Of course, you still have to give them a reason to buy.

An easy way to build initial like and respect on your cart by creating a visible impression that your business is run well...

Here are three factors that impact how your business is perceived, and help you build initial Like and Respect on your cart:  

1) The Look and Feel of your Cart.

Often referred to as the Visual Merchandising on your cart.   It's the way your cart is set up.  And the way your products are displayed.

Think for a moment of that restaurant analogy... 

Suppose... instead walking into a restaurant that's grimy and sleazy... you walk into a restaurant that's clean and tidy, and has a nice ambience.

You may... or may not choose to eat there.

Whether you eat there may still depend on the type of food served, and price of the food, and other factors... Chances are though... you'd at least consider it. 

And that's what having a nice look and feel at your cart will do for you....

A customer that wants or needs what you have... will at least consider what you're selling.
And they'll consider buying from you... That's step one.

With the roses cart, that was easy.  The flowers looked great when displayed. And we had 20 different colors to display. We arranged them by color in nice wicker-type baskets
around the cart.

Customers felt really comfortable stopping to just to touch them. And to see if they were real. And a lot stopped.

We didn't sell to everyone. But we got the CHANCE  to make a sale. And that's what we wanted...

2) The Dress and Grooming of Your Salespeople...

Because carts are so exposed, one of the first things customers notice is the way you and your staff are dressed.

Who would you rather buy from? Someone wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt... or someone that is dressed nicely?

You choose.

Your customers certainly will. Customers tend to feel more comfortable shopping with people that are dressed well, and groomed well.

In fact, many companies have their employees wear uniforms because it's shown people are more likely to respect someone wearing a uniform.

At the roses cart, we didn't have a uniform.  But simply had the staff dress nicely.  And that worked fine.

3) Demeanor of Your Salespeople

This is the attitude or approach of your salespeople.

Let's stay with the restaurant analogy.

You walk into the restaurant, and are totally ignored by the wait staff or host person.  How does that make you feel? You might just walk out before ordering anything.

No one likes to be ignored. And that's how many customers feel when they shop at a cart.
Customers that feel ignored tend to just walk away. And not buy anything.

On the other hand, customers appreciate being attended to.

If a restaurant host person greets you right away, and finds a table for you... everything else being equal, you're more likely to stay.

The same works at a cart.  A customer that is attended feels more appreciated. And is more likely to stay and buy.

At the roses cart,  this was easy for me... but a little more challenging for my staff. They wanted at first to hang back, and wait for the customer to express interest. 

At first, that was because they my staff didn't know what to say... and hadn't had sufficient practice. We were still in the process of sorting out exactly what to say.

As we settled on something more specific to say... my staff felt more comfortable with the customers.  As we got to more customers... and more quickly... we built more Like and Respect with those customers. And had at least a CHANCE to make a sale.

Building initial Like and Respect on a cart is not difficult. 

However... it does require your attention. 

When you take care that your cart looks nice, that your salespeople are dressed and groomed well, and that you are attentive to customers....

You'll at least get a chance to talk to customers. 

Whether you make the sale still depends on what you say... and what you do next. 

What did we say and do next on the roses cart?

That's where things got a little more interesting.

And it's the topic for my next email.

"Establishing Logic and Reason."

Stay tuned...

Brady Flower

P.S. Just a quick reminder. If you'd like more info on the Wood Roses concept for the ten days before Mother's Day... register to be added to my product profile email list.

You'll receive profile of profitable products periodically via email. You'll also be taken to a page where you can get more information on the Wood Roses concept for Mother's Day.

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