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"Retail Resource Guide"
Last Chance Offer

Dear Friend,

I am writing today with a special offer on the 2006 'Retail Resource Guide'. The Guide was initially offered for $179, but I have been given the green light to offer a copy to you for only $59.

This very well might be your last chance at a printed version of this guide. Let me explain....

To take advantage of the offer, click here:


When I was at the SPREE show in San Jose, I spoke briefly with Adrian Clapp, CFO for the Specialty Retail Report magazine, at one of the networking events.

One thing he shared was that they were running low on the printed version of the Retail Resource Guide. As of 2006, they are not printing it anymore, as they are in the process of switching it to an online resource.

And he acknowledged it may take a while before the online resource 'catches up' with the printed version. 

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Anyway, he said they were down to about their last two cases of the Guide, which is about sixteen copies. If you are interested in a copy of the guide, it might
be your last chance.

For those of you NOT familiar with the 2006 edition of the Retail Resource Guide...it is a huge 'where to find things' guide with over 900 pages of contacts in the Specialty Retail Industry.  

The Guide lists EVERY mall in the United States and Canada - alphabetically by state (or province) - and includes phone numbers, names and emails for the leasing agents, and so on....

If you want to find leasing info for a particular shopping center...simply look up the mall in the Guide, and there is the contact info you need....

The Guide lists 132 Turn-Key concepts with contact info. Are you a first-time retailer looking for a proven product or concept?

'Turn-key' refers to companies that supply products AND an entire business model for selling the products.

Would you like to get started in business with a proven concept? Simply pick up the phone and call these contacts for more information....

The Guide lists over 3000 product manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers.....sorted into 75 categories.

Are you looking to add a particular type of product to your cart or kiosk? Look up the appropriate category and call for more info. Chances are you will find MULTIPLE sources for whatever product you are looking for!

The original price for the Retail Resource Guide was $179. But if you act quickly, the few remaining copies of the 2006 edition are available for only $59 - a savings of $120 off the original price!

Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Click here if you ARE interested in getting a copy:


Brady Flower

P.S.If you are not currently a subscriber to the Specialty Retail Report magazine, you might want to consider becoming one.

It is the ONLY magazine that is geared directly to the Cart and Kiosk industry, and is useful and helpful. Subscribe at:



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