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Why Falling In Love With Your
Product Can Be a Mistake

Dear Friend,

October is here.

And the holiday selling season is right the corner.

Even though the start of the season is almost upon us, I know there are many still debating whether to go forward, and what to sell.

I got an email last week from a woman in that situation. She is still trying to decide on what product to sell, and... well... let me share one thing she said...

"... this is my first business venture ... and it [the product] has to be something that I could fall in love with."

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Feeling like you need to fall in love with a product is... I believe... one of the biggest mistakes you can make when picking a product.

That's because it means your attention is focused internally on what YOU like.... rather than externally on your customer, and what they like and want.

Don't mistake the two... your likes... and customer's likes. They might be vastly different.

Just because you like and would buy a product, doesn't necessarily mean a large group of customers will. And just because you don't like a product, doesn't mean there aren't a large group of customers ready, willing and able to buy it.

If you want to fall in love... fall in love with your customers...Sell a product THEY want and desire.

If you want to fall in love... fall in love with your staff... Sell a product THEY can sell and make money with; one that will in turn make money for you too.

If you want to fall in love....   fall in love with the selling method... Sell a product that is a PROVEN seller, and sell it via that proven method.

Now... if you are trying to decide between two or three products which are all proven sellers... by all means.... go ahead and pick the one you like best.

And if you simply MUST fall in love with the product... why not at least sell a proven seller until you find it? That way you'll at least put some money in your pockets while you're looking.


Brady Flower


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